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In the proposed allocation of funds resulting from the eighteen
million dollar bond issue submitted to the tax paying citizens by the
Board of Education in the early spring of 1°66 an amount sufficient to
build a Junior High School in Vine City formed a part of a contractual
agreement. It was the impression that if the bond issue was successfully
passed a Junior High School would be built in Vine City. In what appears
to represent a breech of contract, the Board of Education has decided
to build said Junior High School on a tract of land bounded on the east
by Griffin, on the west by Chestnut, on the north by Thurmond, and on
the south by Spencer streets, which area is approximately a mile from
Vine City, and in a community where there are less than twenty-five
school age children.

The citizens living in this area include many of whom are retired
and unemployable, others are approaching the status of unemployability,
and still others are beyond the long term age limit. These citizens
have invested their life savings in what they had hoped to be their
permenant homes. The amount of money offered them by the Board of Ed-
ucation for their homes will not enable them to relocate and purchase
homes substantially similar to those they now occupy.

In the light of the situation described above, the citizens in the
area under consideration have organized themselves into a Home Owners
Resistance Campaign. They are calling upon and would welcome the support
of organizations, and concerned individual citizens to assist them in
this etruggle to retain possession and occupancy of their homes.

Many organizations and public spirited citizens have joined them

in this struggle by adopting unmnimously resolutions in support of their

effort, including the Atlanta Chapter of Frontiers International, The

Greeter Atlanta Baptist Alliance, The A, M. E, Ministers Union, The
Ministerial Fellowship of the C, M. E. Church, The West Side Voters
League, The Membership of the First Congregational Church, and the Butler
Street Baptist Church.

Dr. William H. Borders of the Wheat Street Baptist Church is the
Coordinator of the resistance campaign and Resident Bishop P, Randolph
Shy is Associate Coordinator.

In consideration of the alarming circumstances that these home
owners find themselves in, it is being proposed that on this Anniversary
occasion the members and supporters of the Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP
adopt a resolution pledging their individual and several support to the
Home Owners referred to above, and that the Board of Education be re-
quested to revise its plan of uprooting these families and buile a Junior
High School in a community where the children are and in keeping with
its contractual agreement.

Be it resolved that the citizens of the Metropolitan Atlanta area
here assembled register their concern by approving the sentiments here-
in expressed.

Be it further resolved that a copy of the sentiments agreed upon
be sent to the Mayor of the City of Atlanta, Chairman of the Board of
Aldermen, President of Atlanta Board of Education, Superintendent of
Public Schools, The Atlanta Inquirer, The Atlanta Constitution, and
a copy placed in our minutes for the record.

Yours sincerely,
A ks

A. M. Davis, MD
President Atlanta Branch NAACP

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