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City of Atlanta.
Parks & Recreation Dept.!


MEM O oo ae
Mr. Delius
Mr. Whitley ;
(_] You were called by (-] You were visited by
([] Please call or reply ((] Waiting to see you
(2 Returning your call (_] Wishes an appointment
((] Will call again ([] Please Route
(_] Left this message (_] Please take action

Jack, the attached instance was reported to me
and I discussed it with Pete Cole and the
starter at Piedmont Park. The information from
the starter, as usual, was different from the
complaint by Mr. Glover. According to our
starter, he advised Mr. Glover three or four
times to not disturb balls in ball rack —-

that it was impossible for him to keep them
straight. According to the starter Mr. Glover
did not remove just one ball but he removed

7 or 8 and they became confused on whose ball
was first. Finally, after Mr. Glover ignored
the starter's request of 3 or ¢ times, to stop
removing balls from rack, starter admitted that
hé became véry angry and uséd the language

Mr. Glover : quoted in his complaint.

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