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Mr. Don ©. Gamel
2623 Rex Avenue, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30331

Dear Mr. Gamel:

Thank you for your letter concerning recreation facilities in
Atlanta. When a citizen takes the time to write a letter of this
nature, you may be sure that it is read with sincere interest, and
any suggestions made are given full consideration.

Your comment on gymnasium facilities is pertinent. Our goal
as the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Atlanta is to
provide well-developed, accessible parks and a balanced, adequate
recreation program. To do this we should reach all ages--~- pre school,
elementary school, teenagers, adults and senior citizens. Our
facilities should be available six or seven days a week, during the

day and evenings. However, funds for these goals have been diverted
for other equally important programs. It is unfortunate but true that
Atlanta does not have the parks system and recreation program it
needs and deserves.

You are correct in stating that few adults in Atlanta make use
of the existing recreation facilities. This is possibly due to the fact
that in most instances knowledge of the basic recreation programs
never reaches the public.

It is not within my power to speak for other agencies such as
the School Department and the YMCA, but you may rest assured that
we in the Parks and Recreation Department are making a definite,
feasible effort to improve existing conditions of our parks and
recreation facilities. Enclosed you will find our projection of
improvements, first steps of which have already been initiated with
completion date set for 1983, Also you will find an even more
tangible report of what we plan to do this summer in our expanded
Summer Recreation Program. As these reports show, we are trying
to correct the very problems you have outlined in your letter.

May I suggest a few parks in your area and some activities in
which you might be interested. West Manor Park located on Sewell
Road, S. W. has outdoor and indoor sports activities for adults
Monday through Friday nights. Ben Hill Center, located on Old
Fairburn Road, S. W., has adult basketball on Wednesday nights,
and skilled and unskilled games for adults on Monday and Thursday
nights. At Adamevilie Center, 3404 DelMar Lane, 5. W., a program
of men's athletics is conducted from 7:00-9:00 p.m. each Wednesday.

I hope that you might be able to avail yourself of these adult
athletic activities offered. For further information on activities
offered in your area, you might contact Mr. Fred Morgan at
758-8739. Myr. Morgan is the Area Recreation Supervisor for
the Southwest section of Atlanta, and he will be happy to talk with
you about Recreation Programs in your area.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the City of Atlanta
Recreation Department.

Very truly yours,

Virginia Carmichael
Director of Recreation

cc: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. ff

Mr. Fred Morgan

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