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1present time ? The iocal Cham-
i~t N.enr f otk limes.
duct a company study for her
Wall Street finn went home, to
report, "It's the friendliest city
I've ever; ever seen."
Today Atlanta is scrambling
to ·b ecome "a national city."
In typically aggressive fashion, the city is building an $18milllon sports stadium 1n an
effort to obtain the baseball
franchiso of the Milwaukee
This move has set . the beer
homeland to foaming, but Atlanta's leading citizens are con1
I fident of their ultimate triumph.
"Just think!" exclaim!! an advertising man. "The world series
in Atlanta!"
An equally Impressive buildIng was constructed much earlier here at more modest exBy VARTAN IG G. VARTAN
pense. This is the state capitol,
Specia l to The New York Time$
completed 1n 1899 at a cost of
$1 million and modeled after the
ATLANTA- "The city of Atcapitol 1n Washington.
lan ta, Mills B. Lane Jr. asToday the spirit of business
se rts, "is a commercia l venis the spirit that moves Atlanta
Mt·. Lane, who charges a bout and the tell-tale sounds abound.
For one thing, a surprising
this city with th e unabashed
number of business leaders drink
powe1· o·f a bnllclo ze r, i., a bald.
Instead of bourbon. One
C'h unk y banker who k nows what
he's t a lking about. He serves a s political figure ls partial to a
President of the Citizens & Scotch mist with a twist of
Southem National Ban k, the lemon peel at lunch time.
But Coca-Cola is still known
bi ggest bank in Georgi:1.
He is a third - generation ' locally as "Georgia champagne"
Georgia banker who wa s gradu- and some people in Atlanta
a ted from Yale in 1934. He owns drink it for breakfast.
It is significant that the man
50 vintage automobiles and he
wPa ni a tle bearing the slogan, now serving his first t erm as
mayor-Ivan Allen Jr. -has a
"Jl's a wonderful world."
But setting a sid e a fl a ir for business background in running
the unu sual, Mr. Mills and other a family-owned office supply
Atlanta executives are dea dly company.
Atlanta has been fortunate
serious about the role of thi s
city, the home of Coca-Cola a nd over the last three decades inJ
"Gone With the Wind," in the the leadership provided iby its
bankers who are friendly to
business world.
When they talk about Atlan- business, The First National
t a, some local businessmen r efer Bank, !lecond largest in the
to it as "Mecca. " It has the city, is preparing to put up a
reputation of a congenial place U-story skyscraper. It will add
to live, and one pretty research luster to Atlanta's growing
analyst who came South to con· 21kyline and loom as the tallest
building 1n the southeast.
The Trust Company of GeorMills B. Lane Jr, heads Citizens & Southern National Bank
gia, sometimes known as "the
Coca-Cola Bank," also has
played an -active role 1n the
city's rapid growth. Thanks to
these and othe<r banks, as well
as a complex of insurance and
financial institutions, Atlanta
regards itself as "the Wall
Str.e et of the South."
Atlanta Rushes to National Role
Many Consider City
a Business Mecca
for the South
ber of Commerco unblushingly
begins its description as follows: "Atlanta, the capital of
Georgia, is the commercial, industrial and financial dynamo
of the Southeast."
A Chamber of Commerce, of
course, tends to emphasize the
good points of any given area
while omitting the fact that,
say, a city is built on the lip
And Other Things
'of a smouldering volcano.
One businessman paid the But the key to the Chamber
ultimate compliment tt> Char- of ~ 0 m.I?-erce 1n Atlanta is its
lotte, N.C. by describing it as donuna1:i,on by . the city's most
"a little Atlanta"
aggressive busmess leade,:s.
But when you ·bite below the One brokerage office man11kin of the peach, there are ager who has worked In the
other things to be found. Some East describes his schedule as
l.nfurmed persons, for example, follows:
will acknowledge the deepAn 11-Bour Day
rMted rivalry between Atlanta "My friends in New York
and the small towns and rural City think it just great that I
a..-eas of Georgia. "There is a can drive from home to the oftremendoUB jealousy here," de- fice in 20 minutes. What they
clin-es one leading citizen. "The don't realize, however , is that
plain fact 1s that Atlanta has I'm apt to get into town at
got to quit looking down its 6:30 A.M. for some civic comnose at the rest of the state if mittee meeting and then go to
all Of Georgia is going to pros- another meeting for breakfast.
At :night I usually attend a
This rivalry 1s basically both fundi"aising meeting or another
economic and political. For decl session of some kind before I
ades, Atlanta has been the drive home. Portal to portal,
shopping Mecca for well-heeled it's an 11-hour day.
G~orgians and the most prom- Atlanta-based
ismg youngsters _h ave left such range from Scripto, makers of
places as Amencus, the se~t ballpoint pens, to Rich's, a deof Sumter County, for the big partment store that is approxiclty of Atlanta.
mately Nieman-Marcus Macy's
The_ ~olitical rift s!ems kom and Lord & Taylor lih rolled
Ge?rgia s ?aunty urut system, into one. There is also Oxford
which, until recently outlawed, Manufacturing, Atlantic Steel,
meant that the rural_ parts of and the Southern Company.
the state _could dommate AtThere is manufacturing done
la.nta d_espito the vast gap in in Atlanta, but this is characterpop1;1Iabon.
istically a city that puts togethFmally, Atlanta today is the er parts rather than producing
most liberal city in the South- parts. The assembly plants of
east 1n its attitude toward the General Motors and Ford s erve
Negr~. The basis for Atlanta's as examples.
behaVIor reflects th~ ha rd-~ead- But Atlanta has gained a mix
ed aw~eness of i_ts buslll6llll 1n its economy that is lacking,
commuruty. But !Jtis compara- for example, in 11. city such as
ttvety liberal attitude for the Birmingham, which is so heavily
South has se..-ved only to whet dependent upon its iron and
the animosity of much of rural steel complex
Georgia toward_ Atlanta.
One 9-year-~ld boy who -grew
Just what did Atlanta have up in New England until the
at t~e st~rt?
second grade sums up his main
First, it had location. This reaction to Atlanta as follov.-s:
brought ~e first r~lroad cross- "It's got space."
Ing here m the mid-19th cenA
Government economist
tury and transportation has takes a somewhat more sobeen booming ever since.
phisticated view. The economics
Second, it had as one leader of conglomeration are at work
frankly puts it, "no bugs." This here," he explained. "The fact
meant that its altitude kept the that Atlanta is already a center
town kee from yellow fever for regional offices will attract
similar offices from other comI
- ~at has A!.lanta go at the panies."

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