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We sugaz. sit ; Saket State’s senatorial
districts would be entitled to three or four representatives. If|_
seach of the 54 senatorial districts was entitled to three, it would | °
give a 162-member House. Four would give a total of 208. a

We favor establishing House districts by dividing State Sen-
atorial districts. (Atlanta Daily World, i
;-Nev;> 19, 1964) the .

Wise Planning Earned Atlanta bread.

Paani : (South's edie
The Milwaukee Braves jargest Negro daily)|the¢

Atlanta saw its ambitions for major league sports tremen- emo,

dously buoyed by the inperson opinions expressed by Tom Rey- ve
nolds, .executive vice-president of the Milwaukee Braves, and | only ,

John Lewis, also ao’ club aide. This gigantic lift or shot-in-the-arm Bee
for professional, sports came in a news conference called by in via
Mayor Ivan Allen,Jr. .

It was especially heartening to hear the clubspokesmen state | Savarr

"We may play in Milwaukee but our hearts will be in Atlanta ate
during the regular 1965 season.” 35 OWL

ior Div
What the Braves’ spokesmen have done is to justify the faith

the “Or
of Atlanta planners and builders in going ahead with construc- | Macon.

tion of our $18 million dual purpose stadium, which when com- | _ Bis
pleted will be a gnagnificent three-tiered facility with a maximum pnocred
seating capacity of 57,100. For without this stadium, Atlanta | may be
would not be so far along the road to bigtime competition. . | Hospital,
It is to the credit of Mayor Allen; Arthur B. Mongtomery, hears:
chairman of the Atlanta-Fulton County Recreation Authority, and

members Mills B. Lane, Opie L. Shelton, Carling Dinkler, Jr., Henry Atlant:
Dorsey, Edgar J. Forio, Earl Landers, Harold McCart’ and John A. (Conti
4 White that they had the vision to go ahead with wise planning | the unite.
and constructive negotiation to assure a stadium and such fine | ‘The you
tenants as the Milwaukee Braves. ed Nations

~ Public officials in Atlanta and Fulton County likewise deserve ups 7”
commendation in making this dream come true. “All the
_ We are happy that the Braves are putting their faith in | continuity
Atlanta’s future and may their stay be mutually benefitting to | 2nd register
~» all parties concerned. While the Braves may not complete their ne Teaainih
=-tronsfer here in ’65, it is almost an unanimous petition, “Yall | ence to me,”

Come.” During the
sar House, Erwir:


ae ee of foreign c
—— DALLAS, Ga. — The 75th Chureli | dames Lizzie Nixon, Lillie Moses, | Another sper
and 14th Pastor's Anniversaries | and Margaret Braswell participated | Gardner, dep
were observed at Shiloh last Gun-|in the “Missionary March” which | U. S. Seere’s7
_day. Rey. J. A, Alfore, pastor of | was held last Thursday night. Rev. | ed the
—*Néw_Friendship Baptist Church and |. W. Hope and Dr. J. S. Down: | the
: congregation had charge.of the ser~ | were assigned back for this con-' “~
—-yvices Sunday afternoon. feernce year. Bishop E. L, Hick’
Many from St. Paul attended the | was the presiding bishop.
Allanta - North Georgia Confer- Set. and Mrs. Lamar Jr
——ence-held at St. Mark A. M. & | dolyn, Kenneth -~’
Church in Atlanta last week. Mes-! returned to F

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