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W H A T _ I . S __ G_0 . I N G
I _N _ 0 U _R .. T _0 W N?
- - --------- ··-·- --- -- -·· · - ··-- ·· ----F1~CTS
1. The City of ;i. tlanta refused to accept the recommendations of mediator,
Edwin Harrison, President of Georgia Tech, and will not discuss or negotiate
with the firemen.
2. The elected officials of this City are in the process of firing over 500
of your professional firefighters and replacing them with untrained personnel.
3. Fire insurance rates will escalate at a tremendous rate.
4. If you permit the elected officials of this City to fire your well-trained
and efficient fire department, it could be the greatest disaster this City has
known since Sherman. The truth is, you do not have adequate fire protection
despite the erroneous statements of certain City officials and seeming reassurance of the news media.
5. " It is the paramount duty of municipal officials to provide safeguard for
the security, safety and welfare of the people residing in the community.
Any citizenry would be badly misguided if it allowed a City official to
jeopardize the fire-fighting facilities." (Taken from Special Interest Bulletin
No. 300, National Board of Fire Underwriters.)
6 . You, the public, ar e a victim of circumstances due to the hasty replac e ment of discharged fir emen . The employment standards have been drastically
lowered a nd the training program has been disregarded except for ON-THE-JOB
TRA I NI NG. What will happen to your home or your family during the proc e s s
o f on- the- j ob t r ain ing?
The purpose of this hand-b i ll being de liv er ed to your home is becaus e we
have been unabl e t o pre s ent our ca s e to you thr ough news med i a , e ithe r
by news relea ses or paid a dver t i sements .
If you are concerned with t he fo rego ing f ac t s, tear o ff t he de t achment
below· and mail.
1960 Lakewood Avenue, S. E.

--------- -------------------- ---- ----- -- --------------------------------·
September, 1966
Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor, City of L'.;. t lanta
City Hall
68 Mitchell Str eet, S. W.
Atlanta, Geor g ia
We hold you directly responsible for the protection of life and property
against ravages of fire and disaster.
We demand a well-trained and experienced Fire Department IMMEDI!-1.TELY.

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