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International Assnciation of Hire F ighters


October 5, 1966

The Reverend Martin Luther King, President
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
334 Auburn Avenue, N. E,

Atlanta, Georgia 30308

Dear Reverend King:

I have just learned from some of our members and friends in Atlanta
that you had gone there on 8 to address the members of a breakaway
group from the International Association of Fire Fighters, AFL-CIO, and to
offer your assistance to then.

sisal Mt Cede te Get eects ie eae, te eee

caeatiors by request of en refrain tion a directly
cons. tion to est e to ing
constderution tp sis Roqueet of sine to refneia fo0m eup 3

The IAFF is an International Union chartered by the AFL back in 1918,

ite charter anid its constitution prohibit the use of the strike weapon,
because the nature of the fire fighting ibility is such that the fire
protection services must be at full s at all hours of the day and

night. The members of the Atlanta Fire Department, like menbers of other
departments throughout the country, took an oath of responsibility, both
when they joined the fire department and when they joined the union, not to


In Atlanta a majority of the fire department personel - as the result
of long years of failure of the city goverment recognize clearly thett
justified economic needs ~ has twice gone on strike. city's shert-
sighted polictes provided a reason, but not 8 fustiftestion ยป for this strike

The fact is t there is no trade union justification whatsoever for
their decision to frem this AFI-C10 union and to form a Hes ges
unsffiliated organization in order to carry out these erroneous and short-

sighted strike policies,

It is for that reason, for instance, that AFI-CIO President George Meany
has feaued a strong statewent supporting the position of the International
Union; I enclose a copy for your study.

The Reverend Martin Luther King October 5, 1966

You have made clear on a number of occasions, Reverend King, your
own belief in and support for the basic principles of the trade union
movement and the AFL-CIO, which our union supports as a loyal affiliate.
We would hope, and we do request, that you re-evaluate your position in
regard to this small group in Atlanta which has broken away from its
parent union and turned its back on fundamental trade waters responsibilities
in the fire fighting service, โ€”

We do believe that when you have done so, and when you consider the
position of our union and of the AFL-CIO in this matter, you will agree
that this Atlanta group of former fire fighters do not merit your concern

or support. :

We shall be glad to give you any further information you wish, and I
am enclosing a number of our past statements and summaries of action as a
matter of possible interest.

Very truly yours

Lora iock
Wm. D, Buck



enclosures :

ect Rev, Martin Luther King - Warren Ave,
Congregational Church, Chicago
/ Non. Ivan Allen, Mayor of Atlanta, Ga. |
Mr. Charles Ellis, President Local #134, Atlanta, Ga.

PS Please note that I am sending a copy of this letter to Mayor Ivan Allen,
Mayor of Atlanta, and Mr. Charles Ellie, President of our local union in

Atlanta, for their information.

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