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March 21, 1966
The Honorable Mayor and Board of Aldermen
City of Atlanta, Georgia
The Finance Committee met and reviewed the following resolutions which were
adopted on December 29, 1965 by the International Association of Fire Fir,hters,
Local No. 134 1 and referred by the Board of Aldermen on February 7, 1966 to
the Finance Committee:
(A) A resolution requestinR that the City of Atlanta
reduce the work week of firemen from 60 hours to
56 hours and to adopt a three-platoon system to
implement same.
(B) A resolution requesting overtime pay at the rate
of time and one half to firemen for all hours worked
in excess of 40 hours a week.
At the request of the Board of Aldermen, the Committee conducted a public
hearing on Friday, March 18, 1966 at 2:00 P. M., in which ten people spoke
favorably upon the request of the International Association of Fire Fignters.
The Finance Committee reviewed a communication from Mayor Allen, who is
Chairman of the Budget Commission, to Mr. John A. White regarding the
anticipation of City of Atlanta General Fund revenues and the consistency
with which the anticipations have been established for the last several years.
The Mayor also advised the Finance Committee that the revenue anticipations
cannot be revised upward after having been filed with the Mayor and Board of
Aldermen unless a new source of revenue is f ound or an existing source of
revenue is increased.
The Committee also reviewed a report prepared by the City Comptroller regarding the cost of implementing a 56-hour work week, ·using the three-platoon
system, for the firemen and the cost of paying time and one half as overtime
f or any hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week. The Committee determined
that if these two requests were granted, the annual cost would exceed $1,100,000.
After due and caref ul considerat i on, the Committee determined that there were
no funds on hand and available at this time to implement either or both of the
requests made by the International Association of Fire Fighters.
\) '--i -
Therefore, it is with regret that the Committee i s forced to file an adverse
report with your Honorable Body pe rtain ing t o these requestsr however, the
Committee/pledges that it will give first preference to reducinp the work
weekof- firemen in formulating the ·1 957 Budget before any over-all salary
increase is c onsidered for employees and officers of the City.
(F..&_FS...J ,,; ~~
- 2 -
The Honorable Mayor and Board of Aldermen
March 21, 1966
The Committee approved a provision for ove rtime pay at the rate of one and
one half times the rep,ular rate of pay to firemen who are called buck on
duty in an emergency after having worked 60 hours in that particular week.
Respectfully submitted,

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