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October 28, 1969

“Mz. Gerald Bernal

Budget Auditor
Department of Finance
City of Atlanta

City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Gerald:

Thank you very much for your brief note of October 24th inquiring
as to information on the #@quest for travel expenses submitted to
your office in the amount’ of $165.50 covering a trip to Fayette,
Mississippi by Miss Jimmie Mims, the Deputy Director of Recreation.

Mr. Dan Sweat, of the Mayor's Office, has been contacted by a planning
fixm in Washington who is assisting at this time Mayor Evers of Fayette,
Mississippi, in improving community facilities and services in his town.
I believe that Mayor Evers is the first and only black Mayor in all of
Missiseippi--I may be incorrect about that--but at any rate Mr. Sweat
feels that the City should render all possible assistance wherever we
ean, Accordingly, at my request, Miss Mims has expressed her willing-
nese to travel to Fayette, Mississippi and make on-the-spot recommendations
for recreation and park facilities and to review proposals that have
already been drawn up by the city of Fayette. I subsequently submitted
te your offies the request for travel expenses so Miss Mims could make
this trip sometime in the near future. é

You possibly could obtain more definitive information on this request
by contacting Mr. Sweat, and thank you for your continued good services
and favors to this department, I am


Jack CG. Delius
General Manager of
JCD: jw Parke and Recreation

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