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March 29, 1968
Mr. John W. Gardner
The Urban Coalition
1819 H Street, N. W .
Washington, D. C. 20006
Dear Mr. Gardner:
Th nk you for your letter explaining the relation hip between
the Urban Coalition and the National Allianc - of Bu ineesmen.
It was my privil ge to ttend the NAB ti' ining conf w n ee in
Washington on Febr~:ry 29 and M rch 1 t the request of
Mayor Allen nd Billy St rne.
M yor Allen has pledged .full coop r tion to the NAB effort and
we ar - working v ry closely with th metropolit n NAB org nl ..
zation s w 11 a with Mr. J. P - ul A ugtin, M r. B oief uill t
Jon , Mr. G n Boyd nd oth r Atlantan involv d with NAB
on the region l ov n tion l lev 1.
Pl as be s ut d that we will give NAB the full cooperation
of 'th Mayor's Office and the Atl nta Urban Co lition. W
also pl dg our support and coop r tion to you nd th Urb n
Co lition. Pl as · c 11 on u wh · n v i" w ,· c n be of h lp.
Sine r ly your ,
D nSw

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