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Minutes of Aldermanic Parks Meeting
February 11, 1969

The regular monthly meeting of the Aldermanic Parks Committee was
held Tuesday, February 11, 1969 at 2:00 P.M. in Committee Room No.2,
City Hall. Present were Aldermen Charlie Leftwich, Chairman, Douglas
L. Fowlkes, Vice Chairman, and G. Everett Millican. Also present
were Messrs. Jack C. Delius, General Manager of Parks and Recreation,
J.’ D. Chamblee, Parks Maintenance Superintendent, A. P. Brindley,
Parks Engineer, Edwin Vaughn, Office Manager, Jim Davey, Golf Pro at
Bobby Jones Golf Course, and Mr. Henry England, Foreman of Bobby
Jones. Miss Virginia Carmichael, Director of Recreation, and Miss
Jimmie Mims, Assistant Director of Recreation, were also present.

Chairman Leftwich called the meeting to order and the minutes of
the last regular meeting of January 14, 1969, as well as the minutes
of a called meeting of February 3, 1969, were approved.

Mr. Gene Hay, Public Links Committeeman for the United States Golf
Association, appeared first before the Committee. He made a request
on behalf of his organization that the City of Atlanta allow the
use of one of the City's golf courses for the purpose of a City
Public Links Championship playoff in 1969, with the City Champion
from this competition to go to the National Competition, which
would be held on June 17, 1969. Mr. Hay told the Committee this
would necessitate closing whichever City golf course would be used
for two days; one day would be for the Sectional Qualifying Rounds
and one day for the Amateur Public Links Championship. Mr. Hay
also asked that the greens fees be waived for those participating
in the competition. Committee asked Mr. Hay if members of private
clubs were eligible for this competition. Mr. Hay replied that
they were not eligible and it was also mentioned that private
clubs do have their own championships. Since the National Compe-
tition is held June 17, it was thought the City Qualifying Rounds
and Championship playoff should be held sometime in May or June
prior to and well in advance of the National Competition. It

was also mentioned that these two days should be weekdays. Mr.
Hay was thanked for coming before the Committee and advised that
it would be discussed further in Executive Session.

Mr. Frank Cantrell, 4930 Roswell Road, Atlanta, Georgia appeared
before the Committee to request permission to put on some rock and
roll shows at the building that is presently occupied by Municipal
Theater at Chastain Memorial Park. This is the building, it was
explained, that Municipal Theater still owes a large balance on.
Mr. Delius mentioned that Municipal Theater's General Manager, Mr.
Chris Manos, had called his office on January 28, 1969, stating
that their original debt had amounted to around $30,000.00 - that
they had paid it down to $19,000.00 and would like a chance to
finish paying this debt. If it developed that the lease with
Municipal Theater was not renawed, it was stated that the Parks
great nesd on the building. Mr,

and Recreation Department had
Chamblee ssid tne Parke Denartment néziade additional storage apace
at Chastain Memorial Park, and Miss Ga rinichac] stated that the
Recreation Division could also make good use of the building if

it became available. The Committee explained to Mr. Cantrell that

many groups had requested use of the building but even if Municipal
Theater vacates the building, it was not likely that any of these
requests would be granted since the City has need of the building.
Mr. Cantrell was thanked for appearing * fore the Committee and told
he would be advised if the situation chs sed. .

Next to appear before the Committee was Mr. Carl Flint, of 1346

Peach Valley Road, Atlanta, Georgia. It was explained that he had
written to Alderman Leftwich concerning twenty to forty acres in
front of his home. Mr. Delius mentioned that this acreage was
actually Daniel Johnson Park. Mr. Flint explained that he had written
in regard to keeping a horse on the land and that there were very

few children of "park age" in the vicinity. He also stated that
there was a sewer problem on the acreage, that he had "been killing
larvae and skimmers...." Alderman Millican said we would have to
check the sewage proble~: Chairman Leftwich suggested that Alderman
Millican go by and ch . it and that he would also go by and look

at it. Mr. Brindley told the Committee that he believed this land
consisted of eight to twelve acres but that the boundaries were

vague - that at one time the former Parks Manager, Mr. Simons, had
tried to find the boundaries. Chairman Ieftwich stated that he would
like for the Geseral Manager to check the deed and that we should

try to find ju:c where the property lines are and look into reopening
the development of this park. He also told Mr. Flint that the Park
might be restricted to park use. Mr. Flint was thanked for coming

to the meeting.

At this time, Mr. Hbelius introu'cred Mr. Edwin Vaughn, new Office
Manager for the Parks Department, to the Committee, who wished
him good luck in his new ‘ob.

The General Manager informed the Committee that the Showmobile will
be put to a new use for the public as a voting booth in an area known
as Johnson Estates, .

Mr. Delius told the Conmittee that a citizen, Mr. J. M. Ford, III,

had complained sometime ago about an incident at the Bobby Jones

Golf Course, and that it had been discussed with the Committee before.
However, Alderman Cook wanted mo1é details on the incident and so

the General Manager had askeu che Golf Pro, Mr. Davey, the Foreman,
Mr. England, and any other employees they thought necessary, to attend
today's meeting in order to discuss the incident. According to our
information, Mr. Delius explained, this citizen was apparently told
that he could not let his five-year-old son accompany him on the
course, but later said he was advised if he would rent an electric
golf cart that permission could be granted. The citizen was indignant
since he felt that it would be as dangerous for his son to accompany
him in a cart as it would be otherwise. Both Messrs. Davey and England
reiterated what they had said in October (when the matter was first
discussed), that they knew nothing whatsoever about the incident.
However, the Golf Starter, who had come to the meeting, stated that

he might have said something that was misunderstood. He said that

he had told a citizen (who had been accompanied by a child) that he

had heard of soother solr cource nesr Marietta where sappsrently
enildren could accompany adults on the course. He explained that
he understood this was a semi-vrivate course. Alderman Millican

stated that if anyone had talked rudely to the man or if anyone thought

wo 1, |

this had happened, that we write a letter of apology. However, the
Committee reaffirmed its position on the regulations prohibiting
non-players on the golf course. It was mentioned that in the past
there had been many citizens who followed golfers, placing bets,
etc. The fact that non-players also crowd the course, slowing down
the game, as well as the element of danger in being hit with a

golf ball, was discussed. The Committee Members asked Mr. Davey,
the Golf Pro, if these regulations regarding non-players were posted
in a prominent place in the clubhouse and Mr, Davey replied that
they were. He also stated that many times a golfer will make all
arrangements to play and that the children who accompany them will
not appear until the golfer is ready to tee off, apparently having
been kept in the golfer's automobile until he is ready to play.
Apparently, this has been a problem for the employees at the golf
courses who wish to carry out the rules without offending any
citizens. It was decided that, if a citizen had been offended,

a letter should be written to him apologizing for any rudeness,

but that the regulations be adhered to. Committee thanked Messrs.
Davey and England for coming to the meeting.

Mr. Delius told the Committee he would like permission to request
a resolution authorizing sick leave amounting to ten days over and
above accumulated sick time in the instance of two Parks employees:
Mr. Roger O. Stroupe, Position Number 282, Equipment Operator I,
and Mr. Cooper Landers, Position Number 479, Equipment Operator I.
He explained that theyhad been faithful employees in the Parks
Department and each had experienced a siege of sickness that had
used all their sick leave. Committee granted request.

The General Manager told the Committee that $6,000.00 additional
funds were needed to solve the heating problem in the Reptile

House and that Mr. Fred Shepherd, Building Inspector, had concurred
in this. Committee authorized request.

Dale Creek Park was discussed and the fact that there were very few
records on it. Committee authorized a resolution for the City Attorney
to have a title report made on this property fronting on the north-
easterly side of Dale Creek Drive between Forest Ridge Drive and
Collier Ridge Drive in order to determine the property lines.

The General Manager told the Committee that the recreation programs
the Parks and Recreation Department had attempted to have in the
Morningside School area had apparently conflicted with the wishes
of residents, including the principal, and that we had been told
these citizens didn't want such activities as dances, etc., which
would bring about "boy/girl relationships at such an early age,"
and that after reviewing the complaints with the Recreation staff,
had moved the program to Garden Hills where we do have a building.
It was thought that if the community should change its opinion, a
meeting could be held with all parties involved to work out some type
of suitable program.

Mr. Delius informed the Committee that the Parks Engineer, Mr.
Brindley, had now designed a historical marker for "The Battle of
Ezra Church." Originally it had been planned for either Mozley or
Anderson Park, but Mr. Delius said he had been told by Mr. Rembert,
a former City Services Coordinator for the Dixie Hills area, that
there were very strong feelings among young Negroes in that area
against the placing of any Civil War markers in these parks. However,
Mr., Delius said that he had been advised by Mr. Beverly DuBose that
it might be possible to have a small part of Westview Cemetery for
this marker and that it would be appropriate since this area was
actually a part of the battle. Mr. Delius was asked to contact the
proper people to see if this could be done.

Mr. Delius presented a letter from Thompson and Hancock Architects
regarding the proposed Cyclorama building. The letter stated that
both architectural groups that had been selected to work on this
project were now in agreement as to just how they would proceed and
who would be in charge of the various phases. The letter stated
that Mr. R. H. Thompson, of Thompson and Hancock, would be the
Project Manager, while Mr. Bill Finch, of Finch, Alexander, Barnes,
Rothchild, and Paschal Architects, would be the Project Architect.
The letter stated that the work would be performed at 3033 Maple
Drive, Atlanta, Georgia, and that the City would shortly receive
another letter with further details. Committee asked Mr. Delius to
request a similar letter from the firm of Finch, Alexander, Barnes,
Rothchild, and Paschal Architects stating the same agreements as

are stated in the letter from Thompson and Hancock. They also
instructed Mr. Delius to ask Mr. Weis Snell, who at the present time
is cleaning and restoring the foreground of the Cyclorama, to head
up the moving of this ground work whenever the project is far enough
along for this to be done,

Committee discussed the White Alms House at Chastain Memorial Park

and the fact that ballet is still being practiced there despite the
condemnation of the building by the City Building Inspector. The
General Manager was instructed to write a letter to the Fulton County
Manager with copy to go to Mr. Bill Wofford, City Buiiding Inspector,
reminding him that the City has condemned the building as being unsafe
for such activity, and restating our position that it should be repaired
or demolished. Aliso go on record that the City assumes no responsibility
for any injuries that may be sustained due to such program. It was
thought that the City could be placed in a very embarrassing position
if someone should be injured here after the City has condemned ‘the

The General Manager told the Committee he had received a request from
Mr. Charles D. Hurt, Jr., a member of the Junior League of Atlanta,
that the City consider converting the old Cyclorama building into

a Children's Museum when the new building is finished to house the
painting. A possible museum was discussed. The General Manager said
he would like to see a new museum along with the new buildings Por

the display of Civil War items annrovriate to the painting. Alderms
Fowlkes asid it would depend on the cost and that we vould know wor
whenaver the architects are able to give us an idea of what it will
cost. Committee was of the opinion that it is too early to know what

disposition will] be made of the old buildins,


The Adamsville Health Center was discussed briefly. It was suggested
that the’ General Manager might write to the County officials, telling
them "the twenty years is up and the City could use the building".

The General Manager told the Committee he was very pleased with the
new City Arborist, Mr. C. M. Alexander, and that the Arborist seems
to be very tactful in approaching citizens and yet is protective
of the trees as well. He stated that we now have the capacity to
maintain trees that are planted for downtown beautification and would
like to write to the Women's Chamber of Commerce regarding this.
Committee was agreeable.

Committee again'’discussed the building erected at Chastain Memorial
Park by Municipal Theater. The General Manager was asked to determine
the exact amount of indebtedness owed on the building by Municipal
Theater - the original amount of the debt and how much has been paid,
The Aldermen agreed that since Mr. Manos had expressed a strong wish
to stay and pay off this debt, that this would probably be the right
thing to do. But they voiced very strong opinions to the effect

that if Municipal Theater were allowed to stay on in the building,

a definite time limit should be set on when they would liquidate this
indebtedness. They felt this should be one of the conditions - that
perhaps a time limit of no more than five years be stipulated. Mr.
Delius informed the Committee that in the meantime, the City Attorney
had given the Department of Parks instructions not to allow anyone

to do anything at all to the building, even to drive a nail, until
this is settled.

Mr. Delius mentioned an article that should be framed and put in
the new Cyclorama Museum. He explained that this is an untitled
piece of poetry written during the Civil War on the back of a Con-
federate bill. It was suggested that it be sealed with a water
proof plastic or finish by perhaps the Perma- Seal Plaque Company
to preserve it. Committee agreed.

The Committee went into Executive Session and the golf competition
was discussed. Committee agreed to waive the greens fees for the
entrants in this event. Mr. Delius told the Committee that Mr.
Gene Hay had returned a check in the amount of $277.63 made payable
to the City of Atlanta, which represented a refund from the grant
of $800.00 made by the Citizens Park Advisory Committee for the
Atlanta Golf Team participating in the National Amateur Public
Links Championship, He requested permission to deposit this back
into City funds. Committee had no objection to this.

There being no further business, meeting was adjourned.

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