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April 22, 1969

Mr. Roland B. Anderton, sr.
General Manager

Post Office Box 11748
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

Dear Mr. Anderton:

Thank you very much for your letter of April i7, 1969 concerning

the butler-type steel building erected in Chastain Memorial Park

by Municipal Theater, Inc. under a lease agreement of three years
which expired September 15, 1967.

I particularly appreciate your timely correspondence and assure
you it is the desire of this department, and I feel that I speak
for the Parks Committee, to renew the lease on this structure
provided the City has assurance that the unpaid balance against
this structure of $17,500.00 be settled in some acceptable manner
so as to preclude liens against the structure, etc. The original
lease provided that at the end of the leased period the structure
would become the property of the City of Atlanta. However, it is
certainly not our intention to attempt to utilize the building for
desperately needed storage and maintenance space unless, of course,
your organization has no further need for it.

We will 811 work with you in providing what we hope to be a successful
1969 Summer Season. I will ask the Associate City Attorney, Mr.
Thomas F. Choyce, to proceed to prepare a resolution to be introduced
to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen on May 5, 1969, which will renew
the lease for an additional three years. As I understand it, the
present law is such that we are not allowed to lease beyond this
period of time except at Grant and Piedmont Parks.

Thank you again for your letter, I am

JCD: jw Jack C. Delius
ecc:w/Enelss; Mr. R. Earl Landers — General Manager of
Mr. Thomas F. Choyce Parks and Recreation

Aldermanic Parks Committee
Mr, Stanley T. Martin, Jr.
Mr. J. D. Chamblee

Miss Virginia Carmichael
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