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Neighborhood Development Program The acquisition of 445 housing units; $14,706,000*.

clearance of 48 acres; the rehabilitation
of 647 housing units. Also relocation

4 of 431 families and 15 businesses with
the goal of having 911 additional MNA
families living in adequately serviced,
standard, affordable housing units by
the end of 1969.

1. The above amounts have been appropriated in our 1969 Budget.

2. The necessary staff and equipment are available within the department to complete this work during

the 1969 fiscal year.

3. Our staff has the capability of filing application for the required federal grants and completing

the work required in implementing these during 1969.

*Note: Of this amount, $4,076,000 is to be furnished by the city in the form of non cash grant in
aids with $298,000 coming from HUD in the form of relocation grants and $10,332,000 coming
from HUD in the form of NDP credit.


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