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Wednesday, May 14, 1969
10:30 a~rn.
The monthly meeting o.f the Model Neighborhood Executive Board was
held on Wednesday, May 14, 1969 at 10:30 a.m. in Com..~ittee Room #2,
City Hall.
The following membars were present:
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., Chairman
Mrs. Mattie Ansley
Mr. Clarence Coleman
Alderman E. Gregory Griggs
Mr • John Hood
Alderman G. Everett Millican
Mr. J. D. Newberry
Deacon Lewis Peters
Dr. c. Miles Smith
Mr. Bill c. wainwright
Mrs. Martha Weems
Mr. J. c. Whitley
Mr. Sam Caldwell
Mr. Walter Mitchell
Other City Department Heads; representatives from Arthur Andersen
and Company, Eric Hill Associates and the Atlanta Housing Authority;
representatives from neighborhood organization; the general public
and the press were also present.
Vice Chairman Everett Millican called the meeting to order. He then
entertained a motion for the adoption of the April 15 Minutes. It
was so moved and unanimously approved without correction. The Chairman, Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., then proceeded with the meeting.
Deacon Peters stated that he had no report of the Mass Convention
Steering Committee because of the postponement of the regular meeting
of the convention.
�Page Two
The Mayor read the letter received from Floyd H. Hyde, Assistant
Secretary for Model cities, which stated that "the city of Atlanta
comprehensive city demonstration program has been approved and
that a grant agreement in the amount of $7,175,000 has been authorized for carrying out the first year action program." The Mayor
congratulated Mr. Johnson and the Model Cities Staff for making
Atlanta one of the first three cities in the nation to receive
funds for implementation of its Model Cities Program. He th~n
moved that the Aldermatic Board be asked for a resolution accepting
the grant agreement. The motion was seconded and unanimously
The Mayor reported that the Review Committee that was authorized
at the last meeting has met three times to review the projects
contained in the program. The members of the committee are:
Dr. C. Miles Smith, Mrs . Martha Weems, Alderman Everett Millican,
Mr. Walter Mitchell and the Mayor. The committee has reviewed over
fifty percent of the projects and will continue to have review sessions in the coming weeks. Mr. Johnson had previously suggested
that since the staf f must review each project f or f inal action
before implementation that the s taff be allowed to make recommendations to the Review Committee for actbn. Mr. Wainwright moved
that this procedure be appr oved. The motion was seconded and
unanimously approved without discussion .
Ma yor Alle n reported for t h e Fina nce Commi tte e on the designation
of t h e bank to receive the letter o f credit for t he $7, 175, 000.
It was the recommendation of the Committee that t h e Citizen ' s Trust
Company be the designated bank. Alderman Griggs moved that the
Board accept the recommendation of the committee. The motion was
seconded and unanimou sly approved.
Mr. Johnson explained that it would be necessary to draw up a new
resolution authorizing the Mayor to enter into contract with the
Federal Government because of some changes by the Nixon Administration in the handling of the fundso The money allocated under the
Page Three
grant agreement was allotted by components rather than projects
and this called for some changes in the wording of the resolution.
Mr. Wainwright moved that a new resolution be adopted to be in
keeping with the requirements of HUD. Mr. Coleman asked if line
items were transferable. J:vlr. Johnson answered that line items
were transferable by 10% or $100,000, whichever is less.
Mr. Coleman then asked who was authorized to make adj.u stments or
transfers. It was concluded from the discussion that followed
that the Staff and the Executive Board could make recommendations
to the Board of Aldermen for any adjustments in a line item. The
previous motion by Mr. Wainwright was then seconded and approved
unanimously by the Board.
Mr. Johnson presented two groups to give reports to the Board.
Mrs. Roslyn Walker, Evaluation Analyst-Model Cities Staff and
Mr. Dave Houser of Arthur Andersen & Company presented a report
on the Evaluation and Management Information Systems. Mrs. Walker
outlined the staff activitie s to date with i t s latest work being
the preparation of an evaluation framework for the Model Cities
Program projects. Mr. Houser explained the management information
and control system. He presented a sl ide presentation o f the actual
print -out from the computer of the fi nancial and evaluation reports
of the projects in the program.
Mr. Louis Dismuke s and Mr . Paul Muldawer presented the report on
the housing study, "Lowering the Cost of Housing", which was compiled by Eric Hil l Associates . The study was a research study
to provide background information on the problem of housing in the
Model Neighborhood Area. Mr. Dismukes listed the procedure followed
in conducting the study and the conclusions drawn from the study.
Some of the conclusions were: ( 1 ) there are no easy answers (2) the
cost of housing can be reduced about 30 or 40 percent by (a) inducing
new technologies, (b) removing local constraint~ (c) programming
housing production to the needs of individualized families and
(d) using maximum housing assistance programs. Mr. Muldawer discussed various housingpatternsthat could be applicable to certain
neighborhoods in the Model Neighborhood Area.
A discussion followed after the presentation which resulted in
Mr. Hood suggesting that the Physical Planning Committee of the
Board work with the consultants and review the proposals in the
study and bring a report back to the Board. Mr. Coleman then moved
that the report be accepted as information and be referred to the
Physical Planning Committee for consideration . The motion was
seconded and unanimously approved.
�Page Four
Mr. Coleman also moved that the City Attorney be asked to give
a ruling on who has the authority to ma1<e adjustments in line
item contained in the budget.
Mr. Griggs said that he had been contacted by Mr. Clarence Ezzard
concerning Southside Day Care Center, which is located in the Model
Neighborhood Area. He stated that the Board should give some statement as to whether Mr. Ezzard's center will be included in the program. Mr. Johnson stated that it was the recom.rnendation of the
Model Cities Staff to proceed with the Day Care Program as it is
outlined in the comprehensive plan, which excludes Mr. Ezzard's
program. Southsid e Day care Center is funded already by EOA and
it is expected that they will maintain their effort. Mr. Coleman
moved that the Executive Board meet with the Board of Trustee of
Southside and make some decision at t he next meeting. The motion
was seconded and unanimously approved.
Mr. Millican sugge sted that in the future consultant reports be
given at meetings separate from general business meetings so as to
conserve time.
Mr. John son introduc ed the latest addition to the Model Cities Staff
who is Mr. Frc11k Keller, Physical Planner .
The meeting was adjourned at 1 2:2 0 p .m .
Johnny-- ,C. John"Son, Director
Mode l cities -Program ·
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., Chairman
Mode l Neighborhood Executive Board

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