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LY /
673 Capitol Avenue, $.W.
Atlanta, Ga. 30315
Ivan Allen Jr., Mayor
J. C. Johnson, Director
TOs Mayor Ivan Allen and Model Cities
Project Review Committee
FROM: Johnny C. Johnson and Model Cities
Plans and Evaluation Staff

SUBJECT: Implementation of Transportation
and Education Projects


Because of the dire need for improved transportation facilities
in the Model Neighborhood Area and because of the high visibility
factor involved in this project, we recommend the signing of the
contract between the City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Transit
System for the immediate implementation of the following project:

TR-OO3N Intra-Neighborhood Bus System

Tt is our recommendation that the contract between the City of
Atlanta and the Atlanta Board of Education be signed immediately
for the implementation of the following projects:

ED-O0O3N Middle School

ED-OO5N Supplemental Classrooms

EDO19C Tutorial Program

ED-020C Communication Skills Laboratory

ED-O0O21C Lead Teachers

ED-022C School Social Workers
ED-023C School Library Program
ED-024N Extended Day

ED-025N Pre-School Activities
ED-039N Inservice Training
ED-041C Community School Program

We are not prepared at this time to recommend the implementation
of two other projects in the Education Component. They are the

ED-O26N Camping Program

The Board of Education has proposed taking all fifth graders in
the Model Neighborhood Area and exposing them to a one-week camp-
ing experience. This project is too restrictive in nature to
meet any real needs of the program. We would prefer a situation
in which children from this area would have an opportunity to
live with and relate to children from other areas of the city. A
camping program with such severe time and participation limits

as these cannot be tied directly to any of the first-year objec-
tives of the Model Cities Program. We recommend its cancellation
for this year since any need that it might fill under the existing
plan can be filled by any number of other projects in the Educa-
tion, Social Services, and Recreatitdn and Culture components.

ED-030N Coordination and Evaluation

All evaluations of Model Cities projects will be performed under
the supervision of the Plans and Evaluation Division and/or con-
sultants representing the CDA and the city. It would not be
logical nor would it be in the interest of complete objectivity
for the Board of Education to evaluate itself. This same policy
holds true for any other administering agency. We have no objec-
tion to the Board of Education doing a self-evaluation for its
own sake, but for the benefit of the CDA and the city of Atlanta
an objective third party should perform this task.


All projects mentioned above in Education and Transportation have
been carefully reviewed by the Plans and Evaluation Division of
Model Cities and by the committee selected by Mayor Allen for the
purpose of reviewing all proposed projects of Model Cities. We
recommend, therefore, that contracts for the implementation of
these projects be signed as soon as possible in order that resi-
dents may begin to see concrete evidence of the effectiveness of
the Model Cities Program.

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