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August 6, 1969


To: Dan Sweat

From: Ray Fleming

The idea of management seminars for the concerned businessmen (or those
affected by relocation) in these areas is an important idea.

However, in light of the language of the people, I think it may be still too
"highbrow". It needs to be thoroughly oriented to the average businessmen
in the area. It is folly to try to assume white market potential or training
for most of these businesses, Seminar classes shohid focus on business
practices such as bookkeeping and development of the neighborhood market.

I would also state that besides simple business skills, the definite stressing
of awareness of agencies that can help in the relocation and new facilities
expenses. These agencies, public or private, should be more than advice
givers. I believe that these businesses cannot survive the relocation move
if not given financial help for they are pretty close to marginal status now.

Concerning relocation -- relocation should be made as closely as possible

and retransition should be made as quickly as possible so that to preclude

the loss of each business’ narrow market.

AU center should also keep an ongoing, free advisory agency for helping these
people and should encourage "rehabilitated" businessmen to help and contribute
with their views and opinions.

In summary, I think the project is useful for some redirection toward a
short term approach to keeping these existing smaller businesses alive.

je We

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