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July 31, 1969


673 Capitol Avenue, S.W.

Atlanta, Ga. 30315

Ivan Allen Jr., Mayor
J. C. Johnson, Director

TOs Mr. Dan Sweat
Governmental Liaison

FROM: James L. Wright, Jr. gt .()
Director of Physical evelopment

SUBJECT: Model Cities Meeting

Will you please contact the following City Department Directors
and their staff members for a meeting August 5, 1969 at 2 p.m.

in City Hall:

A Ray Nixon
Karl A. Bevins
Dorsey Brumbelow
Robert C. Pace
Paul Weir
W. T. Bush
Frank Brown
George Timbert
G. F. Steele
Floyd E. Garrett
J. W. Cameron
Jack Delius
A. P. Brindley
Virginia Carmichael
Betty Yarbrough
Ruel Morrison
Darwin Womack
Dan Johnson

Public Works Department
Traffic Engineering
Sewer Division

Sewer Division

Water Department
Water Department
Water Department
Street Lighting

Street Engineering
Street Engineering
Sidewalk Division
Parks Department

Parks Department
Recreation Department
Recreation Department
Atlanta Public Schools
Atlanta Public Schools
Street Maintenance

The purpose of this meeting will be (1) to discuss the Model Cities
Planning Work Program for 1969 and the involvement of these Depart-
ments; (2) to obtain dates for 1970 project execution schedules and
(3) to outline needed non-cash credit information for the 1970 NDP

Mr. Dan Sweat
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July 31, 1969

It is particularly imperative that the non-cash information be
obtained quickly to meet 1970 NDP submittal targets, -Censequently,
I_would appr├ęciate your presence atthe meeting to assist in
emphasizing this point.


cc: Johnny C. Johnson
Eric Harkness
Collier Gladin
Louis Orosz
Howard Openshaw
Tom Eskew
Frank Keller
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