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July 8, 1969

Honorable Gregory Griggs
Board of Alderman

City of Atlanta

Post Office Box 9757
Atlanta, Georgia 30319

Dear Mr, Griggs;

We regret the confusion which has caused the deferment of ROA's
Model Cities plans, There is nothing projected which should be cause
for anxiety on anyone's part.

As you know, EQOA has large heavily populated target areas within
the Model Cities boundaries, and we have been active there with in-
sufficient staff resources since 1965. It has also been difficult to
adequately serve some parts of the low-income community because of
residential patterns.

Our plan, the one in question, seeks merely to make staff resources
a little more adequate and enable us to become readily ageessible to
residents from all the neighborhoods. It is our plan to augment the
emall operations which already exist on Bass Street and in MeDaniel Homes,
and to establish a small extension office, not a full sized neighborhood
service center, in the Grant Park and Adair Park neighborhoods. Residents
from those communities will be asked to approve the three or four staff
members who will work out of these officas. The service program will be
our basic three: job placement, social services, and community organization
to assist residents to work productively and cooperatively on their own
neighborhood problems.

Only @ small percentage of the total $140,000 will be spent on the
Grant Park extension office and staff, and it has always been our intention
to locate the office on the west side of the Park area where there is a
concentration of low-ineome persons we have had difficulty in reaching.

eee nae

a a

Honorable Gregory Griggs
daly &, 1969
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X hope thie information will aveiet the accurate interpretation of

eur plans, Our only desixve is to offer reedily accesethle an! effective
services to ali the Model Cities seighborhoods.

With kindest regards, I oe
Sincerely yours,

T. M. (Jim) Perham
Executive Administrator

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ec: Sonorable G. Everett Millican

bec: Mr. Daniel Sweat
Mr. William Allison
Mrs. Sujette Crank
Mr. George Williams
Mr. Howard Jefferson
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