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July 2, 1969

Members of the NLC Executive Committee and Advisory Council
(2) Officers, Trustees and Members of the USCM Advisory Board
(3) Members of the National Steering Committee, Model Cities Directors Association
(4) Executive Directors of State, County and Municipal Government National Associations
Relevant to Model Cities Administration -
(S) Executive Directors of State Municipal Leagues

Subject: HUD Contract With Model Cities Service Center

We have just signed a twelve-month contract with the Department of Housing and Urban Develop-
ment which will permit the League of Cities-Conference of Mayors Model Cities Service Center
to render technical assistance to all model cities. This is an advarice announcement; a press
release will follow.

As was explained to the officers of the recently-formed Model Cities Directors Association, at a
meeting held here in Washington, this contract provides start-up funds for what we hope will
evolve into a major service program of benefit to not only the members of that Association but to
other relevant national associations, as listed in one of the closing paragraphs of this letter.
These key associations, essential to the success of the mode! cities process, will be given
subcontracts from our joint Center, as funding develops, to aid them in the performance of
essential tasks.

The contract as executed with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Demonstrations and Inter-
governmental Relations provides for the following services for all parties interested in the model
cities program: (1) The holding of conferences, seminars and training sessions; (2) The prepara-
tion of a monthly Model Cities Technical Assistance Report communicating significant local experi-
ences and highlighting innovative activities; (3) The making available of a wide range of profes-
sionals who will provide technical assistance; and, (4) The preparation of case studies and special
information reports. A detailed statement of work is enclosed for those recipients of this letter
identified above as groups (3) and (4). Copies are available for others interested.

The contract, which will start August 1, 1969, provides for two administrative positions, a

Project Director and a Director of CDA Services. The performance of the contract has been

placed within our Model Cities Service Center which is under the general supervision of John
Garvey, Jr., Director, League of Cities-Conference of Mayors Center for Program Implementation.

The person selected to administer this $90,000 project is Mr. Ross D. Davis, former Assistant
Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development. Mr. Davis, a strong advocate of the model
cities concept, has been active in interagency relations, focusing on programs for social and
economic development, with particular emphasis upon management and organization and upon
private-public sector aspects. Recruiting is underway for the position of Director of CDA Services,

a particularly significant position requiring a background of CDA experience, and a combination
of professional and technical, association and inter-organizational-type talents. Suggestions are

We would like to take this opportunity to pay recognition to and to thank the representatives of the
following national public interest organizations with whom we have worked and jointly sponsored
model cities conferences with over the past year: American Institute of Planners; Council of State
Governments; International City Management Association; Model Cities Directors Association
(prior to May 27, their CDA Directors Steering Committee); National Assembly for Social Policy
Development; National Association for Community Development; National Association of Counties;
National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials; National Education Association;

and the National Governors Conference. The ultimate potential of the model cities concept can
only be achieved with the support, understanding and active involvement of organizations such

as these. We hope to develop a number of opportunities in the coming months which will strengthen
this consortium of effort.

We are thankful to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Demonstrations and Intergovernmental
Relations for making possible this "seed money," permitting us to launch this significant joint
service. This occasion calls to mind a similar funding of start-up costs made possible by this
Office, March, 1967, which then permitted the National Association of Counties and the National
League of Cities to launch a National Service to Regional Councils, now fully operational.

We are in the final stages of gathering information pertaining to staffing and organizational
details of model cities programs and hope to publish this by mid-month. The gathering of data _
for this comprehensive directory has given us a unique opportunity to document those elements
of the model cities program which have the highest priority of need. Working in cooperation with
the national public interest organizations, HUD, and under the policy direction of the Board of
Directors of the League of Cities-Conference of Mayors joint administrative service program,
our Model Cities Service Center plans to concentrate first on these highest priority needs.

he I Baan

John Gunther, Executive Director Patrick Healy, Executive Regret
U. S. Conference of Mayors National League of Cities

cc: Office of the Assistant Secretary for Demonstrations and Intergovernmental Relations
Ross D. Davis

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