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nepair drivewey and ressir curbewal} Lf d dirve “===.

Repair exterior sidin: and all ce syed connecting arkers, instiil
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more tian 5°00" apuor
to entire e:.teriore


/d5" exterior plyvcod, insia:i eaves vants not
t ena apply (2) couts extarior oil sriat

Foint up rort:r joints in fou Adubien and curtain valls ...d ap:ly
mascary pulinte

Repair and puint s aroun hcuses

nepaiy end reglaze all windows und painte

Install (22) aluwninum window sereaens.


te ¢ornply ith city siectrical cade aud sur

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tra Foy? As O oLtiner Envestawvee pe...
Reroof :
Install «<< He ent : Tle: Lo bas
hepoir c: duneye

Denolish ¢2r in re:r o3 preri 1 wey i. wns trasA
fron prowis¢

Repair front gable, install 1" x 12" s..eatinine vertic: Ley
strip jolnots viv: 1" = 2" and paint (2) conis tuc tone

Strip coiling vith 1" x 4" end inst-11 1/2" slicetrock on co
and ;alls and peint .iib (2) coats peint.

Sand floor, fill crsess and ap;ly (2) ceats varnisne
Revork (+) vinaows to cpen and elose freery.

nework front door to o-en end close freely.

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