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Annie Le

York ‘aste Up /
Laird 126/69 1 Unit 662 Mayland avee 3.We

g don? siall comply vit! specific . 4 ons set forth in "'nvitetions

t! dnimun rroperty -tandu:as for Urban teneval ueatilitsation",

ress. Ss
yelie -x obit


hepair drivewey and ressir curbewali of dirve ‘={<—==.

hepair exterior sidin: and all ce ayed connecting members, instail
bexéd in eaves of 3/8" exterior plyvoed, insia!ll eaves vents not
more tuan 5°90" apart and apr ly (2) coats exterior oil buse paint
to entire e:teriocre

Point up rort.:r joints in foundetion and curtain walls a..d apnly
maswary puinte

Repair and paint steps around hcuse.

nepali: and reglaze all windows und painte

Install (22) alwninum window screens.

Kepair fcuncation vin Se

aewire house te comply itn city electrical code and our standurd.
Install ::iew decor and frane to basomante

hepair retaiuing wall on ripnt side of premise

Tre-t for territe: and otier infestotle pe.

Reroof iicuse with staple loca shingle:.

Instell csiling light and wall s+ite:.
nhepuir ci

Demolish gar: -< g oF s1Sea € haul away deiris uni trash
from prewise

Repair front ¢
strip joints wv

able all 1" x 12" sieatning vertically aad
it ‘and paint (2) coats twe ton: paint.

Strip c2iling vith 1" x &" end inst.11 1/2" shocetrock on coiling

and wails and paint wiit (2) coats peint.
Sand floor, fill craecus and apyly (2) coats varnirhe
hevork (+) vinsows to open and close freeiy.

nework front door to open end + lose freely.

662 Hayland Av. S.i'.

ta3.1 71/2" sceetrock on

anc floor, FLlL ovacas ana aprly (2) cou.ts verais: .

- (>) windows to open und ¢c.os: freely.

‘Sen it x Be and instskl 1/2" csheetre
arply (2) cout anuel. t.reycut.

neverk (2) winuews to cpen.and eliose fracly.

Tvs ta Geqcucte wail and iase cub. nats te cerciy with cur
s$ stendar im Se

tee iyY ¢@ Tiny ant wall. Of par
of pilnute

eagle * pantry.doore

wills end apply (2

Rework (1) vindoe to open and close fra alye


rudlt dim carinst Gceers uid druvers to open

Pie, S08 Beety C2! couse anal petite

Nannir calling anu appiy (2) «cats faint ana ap oiy (1) ent
Varnicn to Sii2 “Lis.

wlosiews °c oben and closa freely.
(4) wins i i clesg free

Remove tiles on floor aiu inst 11 viryl as 2etes tiles
Plyvood unserleayment Pf .. 2s

@-ork door to open «nc. v<ior:s fraaiy.
invtail closad fa.+ -antea neater with :Lilote

Jastcil aiuminus ecor

Repair craciis in ceiling and walls and paint (2)

Send floor, £411 cracks and apply (2) coats varnince

awork (4%) wincews to open ond close freely.

z »


Fevork doors to
Install ed

Horair csiliose ane

hb i" x i anc install 1/2" “heetreck to

Rar Ersckhs in si.cwall enc apply (2) toate

Sand floor, iill cracxs and apply (2) coate varnish.
neondir ond revor. (+) sindows to ofan and close freely.

(2) doers to open end close propa:rly.

ouired reecentacle

ana apnly (2) cous

virn + ox» LY ene instis3
BOPtiAn7 oO? vabbe

fal. wewkd:
AD ow ta oven and clorsa
Install nex tub, co1ose, lavatory.

qpeir ceilinoe sand walts ot linsn closet
eosnts, paint entire closet.

hepeir cracks in ceiling and 'alis to an evon surfa =
apply (2) coets paint.

and floor, f11] cracws and vernish (7) coats.




Many low-income property owners in an urban redevelopment project cannot
afford repairs and improvements necessary to bring their property up to the
required heusing standards. In order to assist these property owners, a
special program of loans and grants was authorized as a result of the hous-
ing and Urban Redevelopment Act of 1965.

EEHABILITATION GRANTS are direct grants to qualified low-income owner-
occupants located in an urban redevelopment agea. These grants are for the
cost to repair and improve the property so that it conforms to property
standards in a Neighborhood Development Program. The maximum amount of the
grant is $3000. These are outsight grants, and do not need to be repaid.
No lien is placed on the property.

Eligibility for these grants require that the family income in most cases

must be under $3000. Any applicant whose income exceeds $3000 may be eligible
for a partial grant if the total housing expense is over 25% of the
applicant's monthly income.

REHABILITATION LOANS are direct loans at 3% interest, whitch can extend over

a 20-year period made to qualified owners of property in a Neighborhood
Development Program Area. The property owner is eligible if he is an acceptable
risk, but unable to secure necessary funds from other sources upon compatable
terms and conditions. In the case of homeowners, it is possible to refinance
loans presently on the property in addition using the loan to pay for the
rehabilitation costs. The loan may not exceed the estimated cost of necessary
repairs and improvements to bring the property up to the project standards. In
the case of investor-owned property, no funds are available to pay off any
present indebtedness on the property; the loan is limited to the actual cost of
the repairs and improvements.


(1) A survey of the property by the Rehabilitation Advisor who will
prepare a written report on the work that needs to be accomplished.
He will also develop a cost estimate.

(2) Discussion of methods of financing improvements with the property
owner and assist in making an application for a loan or a grant.

(3) Assist property owners in obtaining bids from contractors to
assure that work will be done at the lowest price.

(4) Inspect the work as it is being accomplished.

(5) Make certain that the contractor is paid only after all work has
been completed to the satisfaction of the owner and the project's
rehabilitation staff.

Rehabilitation staff members will be available at all times to assist and
counsel the property owner-- from the time of application through the closing
out of the grant or loan.


In order to determine your eligability for a Grant of money to be used to repair
and improve your home in an amount not exceeding $300Q00 or a Loan at a low
interest rate of 3% it is necessary for our finance department to have the
following information:

1. Proof of ownership of the property which is usually a copy of the
warranty deed.

2. Verification of income to determine your maximum eligability for a
Grant of Loan or a combination of both. This is usually in the form

a. i letter from employer

b. A written form indicating the amount of any income derived from
social security, welfare, disability, pensions, verification of
any rent received and any other income received from any other

ec. The amount of any existing mortgage and the monthly payment on
same and the name of the mortgage holder.

Your cooperation in providing this information as soon as possible will enable

us to determine what help we can render to you, add proceed to get work started
on your home as soon as possible.

Yours very truly,

es Dickens, Jr.
Financial Advisor
Model Cities Neighborhood
Development Program




All paint shall be a good grade made by a nationally advertised manufacturer
and shali meet Federal specifications
Colors shall be selected by owners.
Surfaces shail be prepared for painting by scraping, wire brushing to remove
all loose materials, grease, dirt, dust, mildew, etc. Caulking material
and putty shall be applied where needed before final coats of paint.
All exterior painting shall be brush applied.
Floor fefinishing shall include sanding, filling and spplying 1 coat primer
and 1 coat varnish or 2 coats varnish.
Walls and ceilings shali be finished with a smooth surface, plaster cracks
and holes properly filled, sheetrock joints taped and cement applied 3 times,
the finish coat to be sanded lightly.
Repabring windows shall include replacéiigg all decayed or broken components,
including panes and replacing or applying putty, according to the manufacturers
recommendations .
Repaibing porches and floors in reoms shall include replacing all deteriorated
framing and flooring. Porch repair includes replacing deteriorated ceilings,
Sneathings, rafters, facia boards, etc.
Repairing existing plumbing or replacing one or more plumbing fixtures shall
be constued to include any modifications, additions or replacements to the
plumbing system, which shall ce ordered by the plumbing inspector of the City
of Atlanta, at no increase in the contract price.
Repairing or replacing electrical fixtures or providing additional wall
recepticles shall be construed to inciude any modification, replacement of
rewiring, which shall be ordered by the electrical inspector of the City of
Atlanta, at no increase in the contract price.
Any deviation from the contract in materials or methods shall be apprived
by the Atlanta Housing Authority and the property owner.
Any additional improvements which are not covered by the contract, and are
to be padd for by the property owner, must be in writing and approved by the
Atlanta Housing Authority
Treat for termites, rodents and 411 other vermin infestation and furnish renewable
termite certificate from state approved exterminating service without clause

VSueer agrees to pay for initial treatment".

a ee " =— a SS












All framéang lumber to te used shall be equal to #2 S.1.Y.P. Grade Marked,
Ali plywood used fur ugderlayment for resilient floors shall be "Underlayment Grade"
and shall be approved by Atlanta Housing Authority Inspector nefore floor covering
is laid.
All roofing material shall be gqual to Johns-Mansviile.
Ali plumeing fixtures shall be equal to American Standard including 10-year Glass-
lined water heater.
Repairing existing heating equipment shall be construed to mean that any existing
heating equipment to remain shall te thorougnly cleanea and all worn or damaged parts.
fittings and accessories replactdg and the entire system tested and left in perfect
working condition, ineluding thermostat, wiring, and all necessary controls.
Heating cquipment, whether repaired, new, or altered. shall provide heat to all
parts of the tuilding. as called for in "Minimum Property Standards". Shop
drawings showing any proposed heating system. including size and lovation of all
heating units, pipe sizes, it's capacity arid controls. shall te sunmitted ty the
Heating Contractor and approved by the Atlanta Housing Authority inspector beufire
proceeding with the work. |
"Minimum cabinet space". when called for in work write-up, shall mean base catinets
with nu ag. ft. of un-obstructed counter space and 5 sq. ft. of drawer sapaee-
Sufficient wall cacinets shall be installed to give a minimum of 30 eq. ft. of
enclosed shelving.
Repairing gutters and downspouts, window and dovr screens shall mean to restore
to normah life by means of repair. Otherwise, replacement will be required.
Repairing foundation shali be construed to mean the restoration of any structurally
un-sound portions, pointing up of mortat’ joints. replacing any missing sections of
curtain wall and restoring any decayed or damaged sections cf existing curtains walls.
Repairing steps and stoops shall mean to restore to normah life by means of repair,
including repairing. replacing or installing necessary handrails where required
eee Otherwise, replacement will be required.
Repair exterior siding shall include the replacement of any rotten, decayed or
missing portions, including eaves.
Repairing walks and driveways shall mean restoring to sound, all-weather condition
by means of repair. Otherwise, repdha&cement will be required.

Repairing woodwork shall include the replacement of any botten or decayed parts


1-11 Units Under $10,000.00
You are invited to submit a proposal for improvements listed on the enclosed

work write-up to preperty located at

Should you submit a bid it must be received in a sealed envelope addressed

to (the preperty owner) > care of

Model Cities N.D.P. -_, Atlanta,

Ceurgia, 30310, not later than 10:00 A.M. » at which time

bids will be opened and publically read.

‘he bid and proposal shall be accepted by the owner within 30 days of the

bid opening date, No work shall be commenced by the contractor until he

tas yeceived a written proceed order from the owner.

The owner is obligated to issue a written preceed order within 30 days from
af acceptance of the bid. Should the order not te received by uhe

tur within tnis 30 day pericd, the contractor has the option cf witee-

Work Within 10 days after issuance of the proceed

ractor must satisfactorily complete the work within 30 calendsr dauy-
issuance <f the proceed order.

The cortractor will be paid the contract price in one lump-sum amount afer
18 werk ic saticfactoriivy completed except tha? one progress payment may

t= peid on contrasts exceeding $5,000.00. A progress payment shail not exceed
AR of tne vwal.e of the work satisfactorily compieted. Payments due the
ontrsctor Wil. be paid within 20 days after receipt cf the con.ractcr's
invoice and satisfactory release of liens or claims for liens by sub-con-

‘racterc, iaberers, snd material suppliers for compieted work or installed

required to:
Furnish evidence of comprehensive public liability insurance coverage
sroteuting the owner for not less than $50,000.00 in the event cf bodily
injury including death and $25 N00 ,00 in the event of croperty damare
ng out oa. the work performed by the contractor; and evidence of

insurance or other coverage required under the law governing workman's

COMper. sa "a 6u.




b. Obtain and pay for all permits and licenses necessary for the completion
and execution of the work and labor to be performed.

ce. Perform all work in conformance with applicable codes and requirements
whether or not covered by the specifications and drawings for the work.

d. Keep the premises clean and orderly during the course of the work and
remove all debris at the completion of the work. Materials and equip-
ment that have been removed and repalced as part of the work shall belong
to the contractor.

e. Not assign the contract without written consent of the owner. The request
for assignment must be addressed to the Atlanta Housing Authority,

Atlanta, Georgia 30310.

f. Guarantee the work performed for a peroid of one year from the date of
“inal acceptance of all te work required by the contract. Futhermore,
furnish the swmer, in care of the Atlanta Housing Authority, with all
manufacturers! and suppliers' written guarantees and warranties cover-
ing materials and equipment) furaished under the contract.
Permit the U. S. Government or ‘is designee to examine and inspect the re-
habilitation work.
The owner is required to:
a. Permit the contractor to use 2% no cost existing utilities such as
light, heat, power and water necessary to the carrying out and completion
of the work.
b. Cooperate with the contractor tuo facilitate the performance of the work,
indluaing the removal and renlacement of rugs, coverings, and furniture,
as necessary.
The premises are to be (occupied) (vacant) during the course of the construction
A provision that final payment on the contract amount will be made only after
final inspection and acceptance of all the work to be performed by the contractor,
and the contractor has furnished the owner, care of the Atlanta Housing Authority,
satisfactory releases of liens or claims for liens by the contractor,
sub-contractors, laborers, and materials suppliers.
Any damage done to the property curing the course of the work, caused by the
contractor or any of his employocs, including sub-contractors. shall be

repaired or replaced by the coutractor at no expense to the owner.

This contract is subject to items 5, 6a, 8, 9, 10 & 11 of the Terms and

conditions Federal Rehabilitation Loan under section 312 of the Housing

Act of 196), as amended.

The contract consists of the bid and proposal, the general conditions, the

specifications, the work write-up, incorporated therein by reference and

identified by name and address of owner, and the drawings (if any) identified

by property location and name of property owner or owners.

For the considerations named therein, the contractor proposes’ to furnish all

the material and do all of the work described in, and in accordance with, the

contract identified above in Item 13 of the general conditions for the lump-

sum of $


Acceptance by owner

Name of contractor


Name of owner(s)

Signature of contractor

Address of contractor

Signature of owner(s)

Address of Owner(s)

Date of proposal and bid

Notorization of acknowledgement

Date of Acceptance

Notorization of acknowledgement

public items show