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1. Devote his full time to this program.

2. Make yourself available to the 6 City Services Coordinators at all
times, giving them your radio number, home telephone number, etc.

3. You will be under the supervision of the special services division
of the Sanitary Department. . '

Keep the special services Givision informed of your activities, records
must be kept so that we may evaulate our program from time to time to
determine if we are getting the maximum effort.

5e Close cooperation must be maintained with the district inspectors and
the /trash supervisor.

6. Cooperate with the police department in removing abandonded automobiles
from the public streets.

7. Cooperate with HOA, ABC, and NYC in their efforts to clean up the areas
involved. Know wrere the rudbish will be and have trucks available to
remove same on times

8. Cooperate with the Atunta Children & YSuth Service Countil in the
Rodsnt Control program that will begin this summer and last throvugn
March 1969, Mr. Spoer will head up this program for us, it is sugzsested
that you talk with him in order to eliminate any overlap.

2. Be available for complaints.
10. In cooperation with district inspectors, remove all abandondec cars

from private property possiblo.
Svecial Note:
ee a

You are the key to, this program, everything you might be expected to do
cannot be spelled out for you. Se assured thet you will get 211 the dacking

necessary to do a good job.
Re E. Hulsey
_ Supt. of Sanitation.

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