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Office of General Manager

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

March 29, 1968



TO: Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Advisory Committee on Civil Disorders

FROM: Jack C. Delius, General Manager of Parks and Recreation a

In response to your request of March 19, 1968 we wish to supply the
following information.

I have carefully read Chapter 10, "The Community Response," contained
in the Report of The National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders
and have compared the contents with your recommended 1968 City
Services Program. I believe that the Administrative Organization,
responsibilities, and recommended direct action, carefully reflects
what the City of Atlanta should do in responding to the suggestions
and conclusions on Civil Disorders. I certainly hope that we can obtain
this summer City Services Coordinators. Last year I urged they be
reconsidered for 1968 and they served a real purpose by taking a load
off the operating departments in regards to screening certain com-
plaints, some of which were unfounded, and passing on with proper
emphasis those complaints which were fully justified. I am quite
impressed with the staffing suggested for the Neighborhood Task Force.
I am concerned and somewhat in a quandary about recommendations for
the City-Wide Resources Task Force. On Page 3, Paragraph f., it is
stated that each City department will make themselves available to
each of the six Neighborhood Task Forces on a “as needed" basis.
However, the second and following paragraph states that each repre-—
sentative will be serving full time, etc. I don't believe the Parks
Department has enough administrative people to loan out and staff six
Neighborhood Task Forces. We might use our six Recreation Supervisors,
but one of them has been loaned to Model City, and each of the other
five is responsible for a Recreation District as well as supervision
of this summer's School/Park Recreation Program.

Last summer it was a pleasure working with the City Services Coordinator
in that many unfounded complaints never reached our office but were
analyzed and handled at the City Services Coordinator level. Those
complaints that did get to this office were legitimate in nature

and we attempted to handle them expeditiously. If the City Services

‘Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr. March 29, 1968
Advisory Committee On Civil Disorders

Coordinator is not familiar with City Government he could in fact

put an undue strain on the operating departments by agreeing with the
neighbors to make certain requests and see that they were in fact
complied with when, in truth, the department would be unable

to comply. '

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