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t ,;- - - -
At lanta, Georg ia
April 1, 1968
Traffic Engin ee r
The Honorable Ivan Allen , Jr.
Mayor of the City of Atlanta
Atlanta , Georgia
Dear Mayor Al len:
~n reply to paragraph #2 of your instruction sheet da ted March 19, 1968, and
entiped 11 Requ es ted Action to b e taken by City Depa rtments and Public Agencies 11 ,
we ~bmit the following report.
We be lieve that the Neighborhood Task Force concept is th e most effective way
now known to "communicate" with the residents of the six areas . Residents of
areas usually write lett ers , felephon e , and/or work throu gh civic clubs,
PT A groups or similar means of communication. However , we recogni ze the very
grave danger involved in opening this channel of communication without providing
the means of quick response with action that will be reco gniz.ed by ·the individual
citizen as relief. The l a ck of civic clubs and similar organizations makes
"reasoning" with the per son filin g the request or complaint very dif ficu lt, if
not impossibl e .
The r e fore, we see an ur gent nee d for add itiona l personne l a nd op erating
funds to provide (1) th e field investigation service, (2) the additional traff ic
studies needed to determine proper corrective action and (3) the work crews to
inst all and maintain the needed signs , markings , signals and.stree t li ghts,
These ne eds are listed below .
Signs and "Ma rkings
1 Si gn Crew ( 2 me n and truck )
Traffic Enginee ring Servic ema n $4,446.00
Semi-Skill ed Worker
Se rvic e for Truck
Sign a nd Marking Materials
( Signs and Marki~ngs )
$ 22,610.00
�= 2 =
April 1, 1968
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Stree t Light Ni gh ttime Insp ection
1 Tra ffic Enginee ring Assist ant II @$5,720.00
Auto Allowa nc e ($70/mo nth)
Desk and Cha ir
(Stree t Light Nighttime Ins pection) $ 6,895000
Traffic Sign a ls
Equipme nt for 62 new inst a ll a tions @$6 ,000)
1 Electrica l Construction Crew
Electrician Foreman
2 Electricia ns( @$ 5,9 67)
2 Semi-Skilled Wor. ( @4 , 264)
Aerial Truck
Se rvic e for Truck
400 . 00
S u b
T o t a 1
$ 372,000.00
' 40,349.00
$ 412,349.00
Eng i nee rin g , Sp e cifica tio ns , Timing , e tc.
1 Traffic Enginee r I
Auto Allowa nce ($.55/Month)
De sk and Cha ir
1 Jr. Tra f f i c Engin eer
660 . 00
Auto Allowa nc e ($55/Month)
De sk and Cha ir
u b
T o t a 1
$18,006 . 00
Fie ld Tra ffi c St udies t o docume n t nee ds f or
tra ffic signa ls if Fe de r a l or St a t e fun ds
a re obt a i ne d to purc has e t he equi pment
1 Tra f f ic Engi nee r ing Ass t. II
Au to Allowance ( $55/Mont h)
Desk and Cha i r
TE As si st a nt I ( @$5 ,265)
2 Auto Al l owa nce ( $5 5/Month )
2 De sk and Cha i r ( @$ 335 )
s u
T o t a 1
660 . 00
335 . 00
10 , 530 . 00
1,320 . 00
670 .00
19 , 235. 00
�= 3 =
April 1, 1968
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
The above liste d perso nne l, equipment and mat e rial needs are summarized as
Si gns and Ma rkings
Materia ls
8, 710.00
$ 22,610.00
Street Light Night Inspection
Personne l
Equipme nt
$ . 6,895.00
Traffic Si gnals
Personn e l (ConstructioD)
Personnel (hngine er ing)
Personne l (Documenta tion)
Equipmen t (for Personne l)
Traffic Signa l Equipme nt
$ 449,590.00
This listing shows an estima t ed grand tot a l of $479,095.00 which includ e s $77,7 85.00
for Personne l, $19,310.00 for Equipme nt and $3 82,000. 00 for Ma terials.
Th e nee ds for sign and marking materials are not great ($10,000) as outline d
above. Howeve r, the nee d for prompt s e rvice is ur gent. The best our "norma l"
s ervice can do is 10 days to 2 weeks after th e fi e ld inve stigation is compl e te
and th e work ord e rs are wr itt e n. 11Norma l 11 time for fi e ld inves ti ga tion is also
10 days t o 2 week s. Experience has shown t hat this is not fast e nou gh for th e
needs of th e six sp e ci a l areas. Fi e ld invest i gation must b e done within 48 hours
and work cr ews must be in t he a r ea within 3 or 4 days of th e time th a t th e request
or complaint is filed , This time t a bl e r equir es th e additiona l pe rsonn e l outlined
abov e .
April 1, 1968
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Experience during 1966 and 1967 clearly shows that regular night inspections
are necessary to loc a te lamp outages, street light fixtures broken by rocks and/or
rifle shots and report these items to the Georgia Power Company for immediate
repairs. Normal maintenance by the Georgia Power Company calls for cleaning and
re-lamping only every 2 to 3 years. In other sections of th e city, residents
usually notify us of lamps that burn out ahea d of schedul e or of physical damage
that occurs. During 1966 and 1967, we found that (in the six areas) most of
these items went unreported until we made a night inspection.
There is a "backlog" of traffic signal nee ds (city wide) consisting of about
150 locations where signals have been requested and where signals would be helpful
and are warrant e d. Approximately 62 of these locations are in the six areas.
Most of these are the 11Merrill and Oakland" type of situations and there is no
way of acc urately predicting when or if a sudden pressing need will occur. New
Federal Safety St a nda rds will probably require certain additiona l equipment over
and above our pr e sent standards. Accordingly, our estimate of the cost of th ese
install a tions is slightly higher than in the past. Also, if Feder i l Funds are
obtained to he lp purchase signal equipment, a substantial amount of field work
and data ga th e ring will be neces sary to satisfy Fed e r ~ l and State docum entation
requireme nts. Estimated needs to develop this docume ntation are also listed
In closing , we assure you tha t we r e cogniz e the importance and the urg e ncy
of this segment of our s ervice to the city. We believe tha t the"N e ighborhood Ta sk
Force" type of communication should b e op e ne d. We urge th a t_.this improved
communic a tion b e back e d by improving . th e City's ability to r es pond with "des ira ble"
as well as urg e ntly nee ded s e rvices . In our field of endeavor, it is fr e qu e ntly
difficult to de fine ( explain) the diff e r e nce betwee n a "d es irabl e " servic e or
traffic control device and one that is urg e ntly neede d.
Sinc erely,
7 1, ~._Q _ / -A---~<---1....,
L ~
Karl A. Bev ins
KAB / fd
cc: Ald e rma n G. Everett Millican, Cha irma n .,
Advisory Comm ittee on Civil Disorders
Ald e rman Richard C. Fr eeman, Cha irma n
Traffic, Pa rking and Transit Commit t ee

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