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Atlanta, Georgia 30303

April 1, 1968

Traffic Engineer

The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of the City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

In reply to paragraph #2 of your instruction sheet dated March 19, 1968, and
entitled "Requested Action to be taken by City Departments and Public Agencies",
we submit the following report.

We believe that the Neighborhood Task Force concept is the most effective way
now/known to “communicate” with the residents of the six areas. Residents of
other areas usually write letters, telephone, and/or work through civic clubs,
PTA groups or similar means of communication. However, we recognize the very
grave danger involved in opening this channel of communication without providing
the means of quick response with action that will be recognized by the individual
citizen as relief. The lack of civic clubs and similar organizations makes
"reasoning" with the person filing the request or complaint very difficult, if
not impossible.

Therefore, we see an urgent need for additional personnel and operating
funds to provide (1) the field investigation service, (2) the additional traffic
studies needed to determine proper corrective action and (3) the work crews to
install and maintain the needed signs, markings, signals and street lights.
These needs are listed below. .

Signs and Markings

1 Sign Crew (2 men and truck) § 12,610.00
Traffic Engineering Serviceman $4,446.00
Semi-Skilled Worker 4, 264.00
Truck 3,500.00
Service for Truck 400.00

Sign and Marking Materials 10,000.00

TOTAL (Signs and Markings) $ 22,610.00

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.

Street Light Nighttime Inspection

1 Traffic Engineering Assistant II @$5,720.00
Auto Allowance ($70/month) 840.00
Desk and Chair 335.00

April 1, 1968

TOTAL (Street Light Nighttime Inspection) $ 6,895.00

Traffic Signals

Equipment for 62 new installations @§6,000)
1 Electrical Construction Crew

Electrician Foreman 6,487.00
2 Electricians(@$5, 967) 11,934.00
2 Semi-Skilled Wor.(@, 264) 8,528.00
Aerial Truck 13,000.00
Service for Truck 400.00

Sub Ta bo

$ 372,000.00

$ 412,349.00

Engineering, Specifications, Timing, etc.

1 Traffic Engineer I 8,671.00
Auto Allowance ($55/Month) 660.00
Desk and Chair 335.00

1 Jr. Traffic Engineer 7,345.00
Auto Allowance ($55/Month) 660.00
Desk and Chair 335.00

Sub To © al

Field Traffic Studies to document needs for
traffic signals if Federal or State funds
are obtained to purchase the equipment

1 Traffic Engineering Asst. II 5,720.00
Auto Allowance ($55/Month) 660.00
Desk and Chair 335,00

2 TE Assistant I (@$5, 265) 10,530.00
2 Auto Allowance ($55/Month) 1,320.00
2 Desk and Chair (@$335) 670.00

Sub Tie tia l

$ 18,006.00

$ 19,235.00

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. April 1, 1968

The above listed personnel, equipment and material needs are summarized as

Signs and Markings

Personnel : $ 8,710.00
Equipment 3,900.00
Materials 10,000.00

TOTAL § 22,610.00

Street Light Night Inspection

Personnel 6,560.00
Equipment 335.00
TOTAL $ 6,895.00

Traffic Signals

Personnel (Construction) 26,949.00
Personnel (kngineering) 17,336.00
Personnel (Documentation) 18, 230,00
Equipment (for Personnel) 15,075.00
Traffic Signal Equipment 372,000.00

TOTAL $ 449,590.00

This listing shows an estimated grand total of $479,095.00 which includes $77,785.00
for Personnel, $19,310.00 for Equipment and $382,000.00 for Materials.

The needs for sign and marking materials are not great ($10,000) as outlined
above. However, the need for prompt service is urgent. The best our "normal!
service can do is 10 days to 2 weeks after the field investigation is complete
and the work orders are written. "Normal" time for field investigation is also
10 days to 2 weeks. Experience has shown that this is not fast enough for the
needs of the six special areas. Field investigation must be done within 48 hours
and work crews must be in the area within 3 or 4 days of the time that the request
or complaint is filed. This time table requires the additional personnel outlined

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. April 1, 1968

Experience during 1966 and 1967 clearly shows that regular night inspections
are necessary to locate lamp outages, street light fixtures broken by rocks and/or
rifle shots and report these items to the Georgia Power Company for immediate
repairs. Normal maintenance by the Georgia Power Company calls for cleaning and
re-lamping only every 2 to 3 years. In other sections of the city, residents
usually notify us of lamps that burn out ahead of schedule or of physical damage
that occurs. During 1966 and 1967, we found that (in the six areas) most of
these items went unreported until we made a night inspection.

There is a “backlog” of traffic signal needs (city wide) consisting of about
150 locations where signals have been requested and where signals would be helpful
and are warranted. Approximately 62 of these locations are in the six areas.
Most of these are the "Merrill and Oakland't type of situations and there is no
way of accurately predicting when or if a sudden pressing need will occur. New
Federal Safety Standards will probably require certain additional equipment over
and above our present standards. Accordingly, our estimate of the cost of these
installations is slightly higher than in the past. Also, if Federal Funds are
obtained to help purchase signal equipment, a substantial amount of field work
and data gathering will be necessary to satisfy Federal and State documentation
requirements, Estimated needs to develop this documentation are also listed

In closing, we assure you that we recognize the importance and the urgency
of this segment of our service to the city. We believe that the"™Neighborhood Task
Force" type of communication should be opened. We urge that_this improved
communication be backed by improving the City's ability to respond with "desirable"
as well as urgently needed services. In our field of endeavor, it is frequently
difficult to define (explain) the difference between a "desirable™ service or
traffic control device and one that is urgently needed.


Pa OL Ce ‘2 tk

Karl A. Bevins


ec: Alderman G. Everett Millican, Chairman“
Advisory Committee on Civil Disorders

Alderman Richard C. Freeman, Chairman
Traffic, Parking and Transit Committee

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