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This .pr ogram plan outlir:E:s the direc:t ion which this year' s pr ogram w::'.11 h ope fu lly
No plan, h owever great, can succeed without the sincere effort of us ail .
Pro~lPrbrit:i e s.
Youth emplc,y;ne:-. t 14- 21 years of age.
Pr ograms that will act positively and affirmatively t o d eter civil
d isordei, social c onf lict, and general delinquency .
Reme dial Ed\1cat:icnal Programs in pover t y s c hools, l ow c c. sL tr!'.tn sp ortati n to jobs, recreation, and education.
Rec re flt i c, pr c.,gra:ns fN· eld er youth during even irling 1:ou rs.
Make- 14p p rogrdms fcJt ch i ldre n attending half-day clas se s.
Opp ort-..!::-:i ties ::c \, o rk i~ useful community servi.ces, leadershi p an d
ci tiz e nshi p ac t ivi t ie s.
Tutor ia l ar:d sl:id y !ielp pr\.. grams .
Progr ams that wil l provide individual iz ed gui d ance a n d s o cial serv ices
to yo-..1th s o that you th may niake better life adj ustmEints.
Educat ional and C'Jltu ral enrichmen t programs.

Organ iz e d a t hlet ic ac tivities for i nner- c ity youth.
Un empl oyed po or youth 16 - 21 years of age.
Socia l acd 5c ~d e7 ical]y r elard e d youth 6 - 18 years of a ge .
De li nqu en t a r.d p c,tenLially delinq11 ent youth 14 - 21 years o f age.
C1Jlturall y d e pri_\-e d yo'Jt:h of all ages.
Commu:ni ty s en-ic es and l e ad er sh i p d e velopment among yout h 14-21 years
of age.
- 1-
Children age 6- 13.
Children an d yc-uth exhibiting special individual, pers oaa l i t y and
health pr oblecT1s.
The 1968 Youth Opp ortu~1ity Program is coordinated by the Atl an ta Chil dr en a :r:d
Youth Services Coun cil . The Counc il is serving as staff to the Metrop o l i taJ Y~1 ch
Opportunity Coun cil. The c 0u::cil is compos ed of approx imately 85 agenc ie s an d
The Mayor of the City of At lan ta serves as General Chairman of the Y u th Opp ortunity Progr~m. The Board of Di re ct or s of the Atlanta Children and Y0uth Service s
Council serves as Exe.cutive Ccmnli ttee of the Youth Opportunity Program . The re pre ~·
sentatives of the various parti cip a ting organizations serve as the membership of t h e
Youth Opportuni ty Progr am.
Planning Process
.:. Several cornmuni ty»wid e expl ora t 0ry meetings were held early i.n 1968. These :mee.t=
ings included youth and adult resid ents of the prospective target are a s as well repr e sentatives from government , bu siness, civic, religious, and educationa l or 6 md z9.tio:::;.s.
Every community orga::1ization, social agency, Neighborhood Service Cen ter, y u .1 t.h
club, and other privat e non- pr ofit groups we re invit e d to submit programs . a:1d alternatives which cou ld be op erate d with or without federal fur,tding. A n arr a ··ive s u1r:r:-tdry
of these proposal s is cont aine d h erei~ ~Education
In the educational asp ec t of the YOP, efforts will be made to (1 ) provi de nee de d
remedial and tutorial p rograms f or poor youth; (2) provid e vocationa l infcrmati n and
educational activit ie s needed by youth to ent er into the labor · fo r ce ; (3) allow creative and innovative e ducational pr ograms not possible during winter mon t:h s; (4 ) a l l ow
coupling of educational, emp l oyment cultura l enrichment and r e cr eationa l programs; a e d
(5) off er programs and courses not generally available to poor youth during regu laY
school year.
The major operating pr ograms wi ll be summer schools oppera t:ed by the Ai.: lan ta,
De catur , Fulton and DeKalb Coun ti e s Sch oo l Sy stems. A fee i s ch ar ged for t hese
school s , h owever, the At lan ta Publ ic School System h a s indicated that no .Leedy chi ld
will be denie d admission to summer schoo l. be caus e of money . PTA I s and other com:.rnun.Hy
groups are promoting att endan ce of summer school for childr en ne e r ern.e dial work.
In addition to the regu l ar summer program, several sp ecia l programs will be
provide d under Tit le I and I1 I EAS A by the At lant a and DeKa lb County ,Boards of Ed uc a ,~
- 2-
�BEcaus,., c. £ tr,e s 2 r-; c,\J s ii c .;.dc:ff,-:..:: ric-. t-:::.rdati..c-n f.c-;_;_r- d .i.D. t h e :·;1rge< o.rsa.s , s ::x
tut o r i a 1 an d / or s t_-c1d /·~1, E. 1 p pre gr 2.;ns \v i1 "i. :: c~ p l a n.~1e6 a.n d :i.a;p l er.w:1 t 2d . A'::' [ E.d,3, a~ i.o r:.
will b e d eve .1. c,pe.d in s e v,.:. ra.1. .:: f t!-1<-: c·ay ge::. areas . The Ar ts C:;u:i,: -~ 1 a.n J :i. t:s As s oci at e
memb er s are sp ear1·1ead i :'1.€, Lhe ,s .rL ed,t c a d.::,,1 &s p e c:: l , [' t he e du ,: l p r (:-g:r;;:m.
SJ:}e.c(fic Gc,-;;i ls
The. goa.1s ,.:J t: the f·.d,.1~2. c1 -:::·.a: asp r:. c::: of t:L e Yep .; ;re;
2. ,
T o pr .:-:,v :.d2. t:!.:t·::d.:-,j
To p rcv·ide voc:::tio,,21, c echT·.-i. c &J., and c,ccu p a i:nformat·i oc! f or
2 s 185 s tu dents .
To p n,v i .d c, c :1.nd _ex:p F.l' .L!n.2:nt:a1 pr c,gn1ms cc1mh:tT-:. 11;g; e-s1pl -·y171en. t ,
e nr i. c.h;r, a'.d ~)ccup a1 i.;1fo r rna.t ·:011 f ;· r· !leedy s tud ent s c
To l a.'.!.nc.h e:'1 bsck-· t·:o=scl:0cl e f fort: to g<?t 2,500 s t ud e nt s t o
s E. r- --~c.::\s :fc-r
·t , .362 S[.~_td er:ts,
r etu rn t o s ~hc,""' l h, t ~ie fa l l.
To ass i st. n e 2dy !ti.g"!~ scr: o.J l g.cad, ·a.tes to cbtai-r1 scl:w ~a.rshi p a-:id r •;
a-id t·, con t.i;-'.':Je r_h<~·:r e d".1cat i. - n~ givir1g s p ec..ia.l at: tc1Ucrti to " higl--, risk."
gradu ate s .
To assisL t.1-i e sc-h00 ~ ar.. d cc·-;_nnflrn·~xy l ~i mE.elin g tri e :rd, s ds of
stude n t s wi.t.h L.h,! spec:ia. l p e rSLY;:a l~ social and ec.on-:-,·rr:lc- pr ob le-rr:s.
e d "'- ?Yor:r·
o ,.,,.
·Pl arr'l
- ·<--~'
. . . . . . ...._ ___t__
, _ _r:e
_. . . ..i. . ?!
. - "-'--~.
-. -. . . . ._.
-~!!:.!;...k..;.b.S.:5-~ l.
I ~~-<2E i c':L~..29_..~_t.:,>L:: J-!..c'.}p_ f' ;_~SY.I-~:!.:'

S-urn:ner scl;c,cls w i 11 be c.-::nduc-t-e<l by At1ant. a., Fulton
a.nd De l<a lt: Sd•o:· ls.
S2v er::.. 1 at'. E11 ci es p l a.n Lo :3.nd will
offc,r t,;tc,ri.a::. ,::.r,d s r.ud y--i-1c:: lp j_)::·,, P1: esE-£\t:..Ly, 6 such prcgr·ams pl a nn ed 1;1\,,•i,1 i.ri g a. ~c,c a l of 1362 st1;d 2..1•s , The tu•:·or:ia l a. ~1 d
stud y -~11E-lp pr0 g r.:?rus .H e~
Ca.bbate Tn,, :·, Re c t E. ati L':.\
Cenl..r.-:11 YWCA P r c,g
Butle r· S l ·ree. Y"-1(:A
e, · H , R, Butl e r Sd-,i:.',:,l
.Jch::1 Hc pe Sch,-iol
V.:,Sit i c;:.!~.1 ~Tec hr..Lc:1. :L ..Jd :~c 3,t_L9:_,._,.:1 l _t1nd _O,:·c-~~.12.:~J.} ;onall:;:;L: ~ U.on _Progra.!!!.
S.:rrne p ls.,_1s b2, in,; d Ec-~·c.1.:- pcd ;,. '! c:::,g t:his Hr:.e wUJ. AL:laata. Area Technical S c·h -i..:,1. M:3.:1y gr. c1u ps a n = p L,:~ming t o o ff e.r. cu l t: r:11 Enrichment
an d ad van ce d pn'g r:a:ms,
Back~t: -:.··· Scb .::·oLEf1\:-- :·::.. Y .e At L w.ta Area Set.e e ls, Yc .it:h Council, EOA,
and Chest: agencies w 11 l ,:;.g:1.:L : 1s.u:Kh a::1 effor t t o ge.t y ,u th to return
to s c·~10c l. Thi s efL:rt wUl t. pl a ce beg:Lad.n g; Aug-u s \ ,
flJ:1:23.h __R:isk". .2 I cc-r~ I~,c c-:n~.· I ;l l a te May , a ccrn:nit tee will be formed to
devel up a pr-o j e.c t t c ex p1 .::, r e &.nd with the. proble~1t f h igh risk,
p c,or sl-a d e.nt: ,-.,·::i.r •L i ~g t: o g u t c, ..:: a llege,
.§J;>cc; .~LP1_::,ib l,c-m..., $ t:-u~.!.St~.· TttE. Yc.-uth C uncil, v : tT: ..;:;u s Bo a r ds o f Education
a n d o t Ler c- ,:Y:nmu;iit:y g r·uu ps w:i. 1 1 a n d a re W{(T.'k:~_r,g n p rojects that will
h e lp s chc .:, ls deal wi.t.h s u:-h pn-'bl ems as, :i.• bi.lity,
over age prc,moti c.:: , dr.::pc,1.1ts, p r:"'s:na't?cies, emo ti onal dis t:urbances ,
ment al health, a n d te ach Er- pu p Jl r e lati onships, Pre s ently , the Youth
C unc il is c o op n .at:i::1 g w it__ Arhm ta Uni.versit:y , EOA, Counseling
Center , the Cc·v:n ~·y Wel f B.te, The AtJ.a r,te. Board o f Educa ti on and several
oth er' groups i n _a pl.l · ,t: ab sE•.:-Ltf:e.ism p ro j e.ct,
T'he Atla:r1ta Board of :i.s pl s ever-a l pn:,j e e:ts with var:L c us grou ps that wi.11
h a ve a si.g::-;_,t i.:np:3.c t: ---·n the.:i. r p r oblems.
Ed uc a tj.s.n..,2~1.b- ~ . The May ·Jr ' s Co nc:i.l n Ye; 1th Opportunity has
orga nize d a sub-c ornm:U_:t 8e •-n edu cation . This c omra:i. t: tee i.s chaired by
Mrs. Be t:Ly Cant c,::1 .
Recreat ion, S9c i ~ C:.i l t:ura l Pr·c_g ra:ms
Intr due:ti0n

Th ere. axe. appr0xLma ;·e l y 500,000 c hi. ldrE.:1 and youth i n. Greater Atlan ta. Most
of thes e w:i.11 b e s wa ys t: .:, sp e n d their s urrcr.e r leisure. time, Unfortunately, th e. L c,f r·ecrE::1.·.1~·:_.a.J a:1d i.:1 f o rmal e du ca.tic,:1.::1.l programs are
most ac-ut:e 1.n the. p cvc> r.·ty c . Rea l :L zing th e g t ·eat nee d and shortage
of whc· 1es ome r-ec L a ct '.vit::i.e s year:-rou:.'J.d , t he ·.i s Parks and
Recreation De.p a.rtme'.1.t , The p1:ibl ic scho_ ls an d l i b rari es, t he arts group , the
EOA Neighb orh ood Se r" .ice Ccr te r s, t~.e Che s t a.gencies and s eyeral youth groups
have pl 3.nne d a ppr·cnd:ma. t: ely 68 p n .j ec t·s. The s e pro j ects c.c:nb recr eation,
edue:ati oa and e.wp l0yrrten t. Ma..'.'·. y ,f the s e wi 11 b e y ~-u t:h ma· d and operated.
To provide me aningfu l recreat ional l eis ur e time and cultura l activities
for n e edy children and· youth.
To pr-c-vi d e a we ll r. ou:td e d , well organized, and very inclusive rec- re aU o:-;&°!. pr-:-gr af!l.
T0 p r ·, i. d e. p rc,g r o.m3' t :1at significantly involve youth in plann ing, ·
opera.'.:i..::,:1 &r:d .,,-.,alu at i oo1 proces s es .
pr ovide such a c tiviti e s at hours and places suitab l e to the n ee d s,
int erest, a n d c onvi e nt to the youth to b e served .
Th e g oa l is ·o pro v ide available recrea tional and /or l ei.sure. t i:'le
ac u .,.1it l.e s i.~1 a~n:-1:ict of f requency and di.stance.
I t wou ld b e i 1. '.: ~re s : .L:'. 3 t o l1 rie fly summa r i ze th e recreation a l asp e cts o f the
Youth Op p ortu ~ i..ty Pr,, g ra=i. A t r,.,; 1 of 35 proposa l s wil 1 b e p r opose d. Th e f e d era l
budge t requ e st on ~h e se pr0 p c s al s to tal $600,000.
An i n t e gr al pa r t of t h e r ecre a t i ona l-cultural aspect · o f th e p r ogram wi ll b e
resid en t a.~ d d cty c. cc 1p :..i:1.g p r u gr-a-,-ns. Effor t was mad e to incre ase the numbe r of day an d
r e sid en t c amp sl ts c1·: a ~.l al:::l2 t o p o or c hild ren and youth.
Pres e n t ly s l o ts are a v a i l abl e fo r 2 , 538 y :..:t.'~; L r e s i d e-::1t a ~ d d ay c amp ac tivities . in thi s p r o g r ara . Ma r,y· a g e n-·
ci.e s a r e r:iaki.n g ;ra·: :y , f t1)c>. ir r egu l a r s umme r _ c amp s lots a v a il a bl e to poo r y outh .
Thes e
include t h e Bey SccrJ s , G:f.r l Sc ou ts, Camp Fire Girls, YMCA and YWCA, Be thl ehem Cen te r s,
etc. Thes e orgaci. za ::i -,r;s wi l l provide d a y and r e sident camp for non~memb e rs .
addit ion the City f Ad ci:-, ·_-:1 Re cre a t ion De p ar t ment will operate
c a mp i n g p r o g r am .
The J ewis h C-::,:n:.-nu n ily Ce :: t c r wi ll m~ke its d a y c amp faciliti e s ava ila ble t o gro ps o f
poor y o".ltli ::t.r. .:;·· gh ·-- t·. t h e s :.i.:rr..i .e r .
1: 1
Ma n y yovhi wl ll s p e e d ~~ek a n d c e~p i ng t r ips at the State a n d Na tio na l Pa k s.
Equa lly a s Li,p _.., r.t· ::i:,--; t: i s t he f a ct t h a t th e se proj ec ts will e mploy app roxi ma t e l y
1,000 poor tE. e :;:i~c. -:-·s a ·::d y c,:: .. g a du l t s.
Qee. a :: i :ri a. 1 Or i9::· ~- 2-2. t Lc--:1s
Th e C.:. " y 0 f Atl.s\'l ta Ps:ir.-k s, Re crea tion and Sc ho o l De p artmen t s wi ll carry
t he rr.a j c r re sp ..:i-:.s :.::i.l i t y f o r the re c reat iona l p rogram . I n a dd it i on , t h e
ci t i e s u:f Ea.s t l1clnt, a ;:1d R::is ewl l will pr ovi d e s p e cia l r e creati ona l p r g r a::i.s.
The U::-d t e. d App ea l Age;;.cie s, t h e EOA Neighb orh ood Se r v i ce Ce n ter s, ,;,ri.d
seve r. a l c cr:!f'.,U.'.1 -i t_y b a se d y ou t h a nd young adu l t gr oup s wi ll p r ovi d e s p e ci a l
p r og r a:::,s .
�The :;,':::m:'.' ers 2.:-.d ass c•ci at E -.:1e ..-:1::iets o f t:l: e Ar cs C'c•U'::.c .U wl.1 1 p r o v:f.. dE
me.a:1 :: 1.-:gful a r·t a.n d cu l t u. ra. l p r c g r :in~ s.

r-,: c r-d er c<· s :1 pp lE:::..e:1 :: t he se

p r · 6 ra::.:s, s e·,·e. r d l b ..rn::.:-..e ss:r.E.·; c a-:: d wc,2e n &s well as s t. '/ E: ~3. l c. l u : • gr ou ps
wi l l p r --v~.d•:. s p e c. ia. 1. p :cagr.a:'.1!s o f recr e a ti c' .. , f,:: r · d e d c:~11.ld r e~~ a:-Jd
y cu t h .
Spr e a d
Ir~ a dd i.c.L.::,n to p l a-:.1 ::,1 6 c ri2 at:;_ve .s..r1.d ~,,::,.:;•;-,:i t Lv2 p r vg r-::1.:::is ? e,--.::,r y eff r t
w.i'. 11 b e ma d e t o s p r E-a ~ i. he prc•j ects ge:..0 g r, f. c a i l y .
Fr o je c ·: s a r:e h e 1.'::.g
pl ann e d t .:, bE d ::.s ~.r :;.b· · te: d as f 11 ws t:1:.r ,:,:.igb :.,u ;: t~te ~:a rgct: a. r c':8. S :
l- •o
r"·-'. r-e -, (:--....0 ·--,1. •i..- t:.L
- ._ '" S
N ""l ._g1-1bor
- u· u.:/... ~
Cent ra l Ci.t y Cc~t er
East Cen t r a
So t.h F\lJl t c ::1.
Ea s t P0 i ~ t RE cr e ition
C ile 6 e P::ir k Rec i. a n
Ce ~ te r
Are a Bl ck " E"
Cab" a 6 e Tew••
You th DE:: ,1 e 1 .:-pme-n t Ce , .te.r
Sum~M1:c c CE~ '- e r
Young Me·2, 0 s Ci v ".c le a.g;u.e
M2 ch aLi c s v~. 1 1 e P r ~j e c t
Ed g ew o o d Ce:1t:e r
M b -U e Vay Ca.:~,p
NLr t hwe s t PEr: r ~/ Iic:ne s CE:_. te r
Young Me ~ 0 s C~v ! c Ass o cia t i n
Men ~a ] ly Retard e d
DeKa lb " Y11
We.s t Ce n t'ral Ce·2t- e. .r
Na s h - Wa s :11.::-.'.5 tc:
Ce r. t e r
We s i: Er d Ce:; t.c- ::
North Fu l t0.
Cent e r
Gw l n!le t t C0u~ t J
Pi ttsh · r g Ce1 t~ r
Price Ce r. t er
1t.r :1 l YMCA
Sa l vat i.c , . A n r,y ( See Ct, 1t ra l Cit y )
B:u. tl er S tn:, E. t" " _' !
At ] n l 3 Gi rls ° Cl u b
Gr a d y H.::-.:nEs , 1. rls ' Cl t; b
At: l an. t.:,. Ur b3.:1 L"·ag e
Boy Sc i_: t: s
Met1·0po l i t a ~ B· y s ° C"ub
We sl ey C ;r.;nt: n 1.t y Ce·:. t er- s
Gir l Sc cu cs
... ,
-6 ~

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