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Grierin, GEoRGIA
QUIMBY MELTON, SR. Sept. 9,1966
Dear Ivani-=

This editorial, written by my son,Ouimby Jr., will
interest you. Know there will be many such editorials praising
you, and there should be.

As you know your father and I have been friends for
many years. I'll never forget his kindness t& me cal 3 a young
reporter on the GonsELeatren He helped me get many a story that I
would otherwise have not <otten.

And to know you and count you as a friend has meant

a lot to me. For the second generation Melton newsman, to

continue the Allen-Melton friendship, is gtatifyins.

ake Atlanta and Georgia a better place in which to

I glory in your spunk arid devotion to the things you
believe wall.

bi of
live and work

Sincerely Yours,

QM/self. —“ Mel len

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