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1927 N. Decatur Roadle.
Atlanta, 7, Georgia
Jamary 2, 1963

Hon, Ivan Allen, Jr.,Mayor
City Hall
Atlanta, 3, Georgia

Dear Mr, Mayor:

In a way the matter I am referring to is none of my business, but in
another way I feel a responsibility because I am a citizen of Greater Atlanta
and have been working in Georgia since January 1929 in the interest of Christ—
ian citizenship with the youth of all races, Further, I am advised that my
leadership of the laymen's committee which developed the Laymen's Manifesto
in connection with the desegration of Atlanta Schools,which took considerable
time, was definitely helpful.

Mrs, Rohrer and I deeply regret the fact that a barricade was built
across Peyton Road, kmowing there was marked resistance especially from one
group, and that before the objecting group was asked to confer about it. We
are convinced that any fair minded person would admit that such procedure is
unfair- slap down the opponent and then tell him, let's talk about it. Why
not talk first?

If only there were some Way that the barricade could disappear into
thin air, conference between the two groups immediately concerned could pro-
ceed 6n a much more amicable basis than can be possible with it remaining up
unless the objecting group possesses much morePhristian forebearance and con-
sideration than is possessed by most of us, Why the haste?

We hope and pray you and your associates will find ways to solve the
difficulty without further offending or humiliating the objecting group.

Sincerely yours,

H.W. Rohrer
Retired YMOA Secretary

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