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FL 7-5331 AD 9-1468

Saturday January 5

Dear Mr. Mayor,

I hand you a clipping from today's conservative DALLAS MORNING
NEWS .. a story from theAtlanta Bureau of The Associated Press,

This is another infamous Wall, almost as disgraceful, at least
in principle, as the or slicing through Berlin,

How cockeyed can you people get, in Georgiat How long do you
really believe that you're going to keep Negroes from their rightful
civil rights in these desperate days?!

To begin with, your lousy barrier will crash when the Courts
have time to act, likea box of tinder. You are making a laughing
stock of the American Dream and the pretensions of free Americans
in the far reaches of the earth, This new segregation WALL was dis-
cussed for over an hour on KRL D, radio, Dallas yesterday afternoon
in the program COMMENT and if ever Georgians were rediculed, it was
then, and properly 30. It was a great radio forum progran,

I'n a whitebusinessman and I despise the institution of second
class citizenship you are determined to perytuate for Negroes in
Atlanta, But your objective is doomed tofm ultimate failure. It
is just a matter of time, Meantime, shame on all ofyou.

I showed a house last night to a wonderful couple, a young
professional man and his wife, now living IN ATLANTA, They plan
to move to Dallas in February. They aresick of Atlanta's racial
policies. Both are highly educated Negroes and this man is ina
profession that is desparately needed not only in your city but in
most great cities of this blighted land! Wewelcome him to Dallas
where, increasingly, Negroes are regarded as equal to white citizens

and are given recognition, as such,

Yourare giving wonderful aid and comfort to the Communists who
will gleefully hold up to all the world their charge, and documenta
tion of it, that we're still largely giving only lip service to our
professed institutions of freedom and Liberty and equality for all.

Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. eye Ww Yim DN Co.6
Atlanta, Georgia 2 \ =

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