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S.K. Cannon

967 Oriole Drive, SW
January 18, 1963

Hon. Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor, City of Atlanta
City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Ivan:

Your courageous stand on the controversial closing of Harlan
and Peyton Roads is one to be greatly admired.

At a time when some forces seem determined to blacken the
name of the Southwest section of our city, the positive stand
taken by you and the Board of Aldermen gives the residents of
this area definite hope for family stabilization. You have
shown you cannot be swayed by strong political pressures when
so many people have so much at stake.

The residents of the Cascade area have invested heavily, both
financially and in hard work, to make this one of the finest
residential sections in Atlanta, Clearly, we are entitled to
protection from encroachment by a minority group. That we
should be compelled to leave Atlanta for small-town or subur-
ban living is unthinkable,

We recognize that the majority should not subjugate the minority,
but by the same basic thinking minority groups have no right to'

disrupt and destroy the existence of the community.

May I again commend you for your determined stand and your
untiring efforts to effect a favorable solution to this problem.

Very sincerely,

LE Bowmen me /


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