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2120 loth St., N. W.
Washington, D. C.
Jan. 1h, 1963

Mayer Ivan Allen
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Mayor:

As a Georgian (Decatur), I am much disturbed that
the barricades are doing a great deal of harm te
Atlanta's good name in the rest of the country. To
a large extent they negate the “Forward Atlanta"
ads which have recently appeared in the Wall Street
Journal. All those responsible for erecting them
should frankly admit their mistake and take steps
toward their immediate removal. As you well know, the
problem of Negro housing cannot be solved with
barricades here and there. One barricade can only
lead to another until eventually you will arrive at
the accemplished fact of a walled in ghetto. Such
a solution is unthinkable for the South's most pro-
gressive city. Atlanta has met and surmounted with
hener many racial challenges during the past decade,
building up a vast reservoir of goed will through-
eut the country. It would be a shame to Allow that
invaluable asset to be now dissipated by these
unwise street barriers.

Yours truly, —
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“Gus Partee
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