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307 ROSWELL RD., N. Bey

BORN September 13, 189), Sutherland, Virginia.

During high school years worked for Richard A. Munden, Architect,

Petersburg, Virginia on Saturdays and during vacations.
as draftsman and specification writer for two years after graduation.

1917-1918: Served as Assistant Superintending Engineer, Ue. Se Army
Transport Service, Washington, D. C. Work was in connection with
the design and construction of transports, mine planters and other
vessels for the Army.

1919~1921: Production Engineer, Fabricated Ship Corporation,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. $7,000,000.00 shipbuilding contract completed
on schedule. Was also a Director and Officer of Corporation.

construction contrasts comleted in the Iiddle ‘ent,

1925-1935: Offieer and Director, Wales Building Company, Milwaukee,
Wisconsin. Company owned and rented Apartments, residences and
commercial buildings. Handled all rentals and property management.

May 1935-October 1965: Federal Housing Administration, successively
ao Architectural Inspector, Appraiser, Chief Appraiser, Chief
Underwriter, General Underwriting Supervisor and General
Underwriting Adviser.

Served as Chief Tnderwriter in Milwaukee 10 years and in Atlanta

6 years. Duties were to plan, organise, coordinate and direct all
technical underwriting operations of the Insuring Office, maintain
good public relations and determine the risk involved in connection
with anplications submitted by Banks, and Teans, Insurance
Companies and other approved mortgages. also involved con-

Public Officials and to some extent with thdnortgagors.

OS ar tea ecienade oa eects ae it was necessary to visit
LO of the approximately offices in the Continental
eines seute, ta tote Bian ak the Virgin Islands, to review
underwriting operations and problems in connection with call

of F. H. A. Mortgage Incwrance.and te provide advice and .
Tt was algo necessary in emergencies to aet as Chief Underwriter
ani VORSEESES SOEIe BE Fh ikee F8 SO0e Selene be See
Newark, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Dictriet of Columbia, Miami, San
Juan, Denver and Houston.

sees ates setae igewtone 3 see hve setae

Have lived at above address since May 1958.

Considerable court testimony on real estate appraisals.

Reeeiver on foreclosed properties.

Aduinistrator of estates.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin served as President and Director of Westmoor
Country Club and as a member of mmerous committees of the Association
of Commerce, Associated General Contractors, Master Builders Association,
churches omni civic organisations.

Also aember of Engineers and Seiontists of Milwaukee, Ine., Associate
Meuber of the Milwaukee Real Estate Board and Associate Member of the

Seeiety of Residential Appraisers.


Superior Accomplishment Award ~ Federal Housing Administration. Handling
of difficult housing problems in the New York and Puerto Riso areas.

Key to the City of Houston Texas ~ Mayor ani Common Council. Assistance
in housing matters.

Distinguished Service Mward ~ Federal Housing Administration,
eivilian award available in the Housing ani Home Pinanoe Agena (iow
) Mandling

Department of Housing and Urban Development
housing problems in Houston, Texas, Southeastern United States, Puerto
Rieo and the Virgin Islands.

Telephone 233-6oh0. ee ul. Gates
——~——“illian 0, Gates

Jamary 5, 1967.

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