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July 15, 1967

The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of the city of Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia


In the month of June, 1966, a brochure was sent to
me, Nathan H. Knorr, President of the Watch Tower Bible and
Tract Society, with the heading "Atlanta Invites You." Our
Society has given consideration to your letter of June 14,
1966, that came with the brochure, inviting us to hold a large
convention in Atlanta. I very much appreciated your letter.
The brochure also contained a letter from the Governor of
the State, as well as letters from the Atlanta Convention
Bureau, the Atlanta Hotel, Motel Association and the Atlanta
Chamber of Commerce.

We had considered coming to Atlanta during the days of
July 6-13, 19609, Sunday to Sunday inclusive, and we concluded
that we would very much like to have the use of the Atlanta
Stadium, which I believe has a seating capacity of about
57,000 people.

I wrote a letter to Mr. Sidney Scarborough, dated May
25, 1967, concerning our plans for 1969. I am enclosing a
copy of this letter that sets out all of the details. However,
I am sorry to say that up to this writing I have not yet received
an answer to my letter. Whether the letter may have gone astray,
or whether Mr. Scarborough is no longer in charge of the stadium
rentals, I do not know. I thought I had the right information
that Mr. Scarborough would be the man who could answer my

I have been working with the officials in the National
and American Baseball Leagues in regard to adjusting dates
in 1969, so that we could use various stadiums throughout the
United States. I had thought that we would by this time have
a reply from Mr. Scarborough, whom I believe to be the general
manager of the Atlanta Stadium and the one to deal with in
these matters, telling us what the price would be, whether
the dates we desire would be available and whether the stadium
is open to conventions such as ours.

We anticipated bringing 40,000 to 45,000 people to Atlanta
during the eight days of the convention in 1969. But to work


The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of the city of Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

July 15, 1967, Page Two

out our program for the summer of 1969 we must know well in
advance whether organization controling the Atlanta Stadium
would rent the stadium to us and work out arrangements with
the Society for the use of the stadium during these particular

I know that Mr. Joseph Cronin of the American League and
Mr. Warren Giles of the National League have appointed two
gentlemen to speak to me about trying to work out dates for
1969 so that we could use Yankee Stadium and Atlanta Stadiun,
as well as other ballparks, such as Comiskey Park, Busch
Memorial Stadium and the Anaheim Stadium. We have had very
fine relations with the New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox
and the other stadium officials mentioned, but for some
reason we do not have any definite word from Atlanta, Georgia.

Perhaps your good offices could put me on the right
track as to the person with whom I should communicate so as
to get an answer to our request for use of the Atlanta Stadium
on the dates we need it. We would be delighted to come to
Atlanta and we like the facilities that you describe in
your brochure. I would be very happy to come to Atlanta to
see the stadium and the facilities available and to talk
contract terms and to let the gentleman in charge know what
we have done thus far with other stadium officials across
the country.

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society would be happy to
arrange for a large assembly in Atlanta, Georgia July 6-13,
19609. May I please hear from you with your suggestions on
what I might do in this matter?

Th Wie Lt”\_

N. H. Knorr

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