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A r egular me e ti ng of the Traffic and Transportation Commi ssion of the City of
Atlanta was held i n Committe e Room No. 1 of the City Hall on Monday, March 27,
1967, at 2 : 00 p :mo The fo llowing members were present :
Mr .
Mr .
J a ck E. Crowde r , Vi ce Chairman
Robert F. Adamson
Peter J . Stelli ng
John R. Wilson, Jr.
Mr . George Goodwin , Chairma n
Mr o Grad y A. Lee
Mr . Cha rles C. Ma t hia s
Also pre sent we re Ci ty Traff ic Engineer Ka rl A. Bevins; Mr . P. Andrew Springer,
Safety Engineer, The At lanta Traffic a nd Saf e ty Council ; Mr . John Gerson, Atlanta
Tra nsit Syst em, Inc . , Supe r inten dent J. L. Mosel ey and Sergeant Michael Edwards,
Atla nta Pol ice De pa
The meeting was ca l l e d to order by the Vice Cha irman a nd the follow i ng bus iness
wa s considered.
50 HOUSTON STREET 9 N.E. A A A Park i ng , Inc . ; Mr . Ra lph R. Carro l l.
An off~street park i ng lo t wi th a total of 66 pa rking s paces, attendant
park i ng 1 8 i nboun d and 6 out bound r es~ rvoi r s pa c es ; one entrance and
one exi t on Houston St re et and one entrance and one exit on Ivy Street.
Mr . Ca r ro ll preaente.d the pla n fo r the propos e d parking lo t .
Mr. Bevins poi nted out t hat the outer e dge of t he l ot was l evel with the
adjacent stre et s . He a s ked how Mr. Carro ll intended to keep motor i sts
from en te r ing t h st ree ts fr om poi nt s other than the designated drive~
ways . Mr. Ca r r o ll a s sure d Mr . Bev ins t hat s ome means of c ont rol would
be us ed and t hat i.t would probably be a chain .
The City Tr af fic Engineer rec ommende d approval with the provision tha t
all exc es s ive driveway s pa ce be physi cally c losed, either wit h a suitable
cha i n or fence or by r a i sing the curb , and wit h the restriction of NO
LEFT TURNS into t he en t ranc e or out of t he ex i t on Houston St r ee t. IN
EXECUTIVE SESSI ON, it was moved a n d s e conded that t his rec ommendat ion
be APPROVED. All were i n fa vor.
�Minutes of t he Tr aff ic a nd Trans porta t ion Commiss ion Meeting; March 27 , 1967;
page 2
147 AND 153 WHITEHALL STREET , SoWo A A A Parking, Inc., Mr . Ralph R.
Carro l l o An of f ~street pa rking l ot with a t otal of 34 parking spaces;
sel f ~park , 4 i nbound and 4 outbound reservoir spaces, one entrance
a nd one exit on Whi tehall Street .
Mr . Ca r roll presented t he pl an f or the propos ed pa r k i ng lot .
The City Traff ic Engineer reconunended approval with the res t r i ction of
NO LEFT TURNS into the entrance or out of the exit on Whitehall Street.
IN EXECUTIVE SESSION , it wa s moved a nd seconded that this r econunendation
be A~PROVED. All were in f avor .
353 MARKHAM STREET 9 S .w., Pe nning ton Parking; Emily A. Pennington,
761 Sco tt Ci r cle , Deca tur , Georgia. An of f~street pa rking lot with a
to tal of 100 parking s paces; se lf~parking , 15 inbound and 15 outbound
r eservo i r s paces; three ent rances and t hree exits on Markham Stree t.
In the ab sence of t he app licant, t he City Traff ic Engineer pr esent e d the
plan for the pro posed park ing lo t and r econunende d approval. IN EXECUTIVE
SESSION , i t was moved a nd seconde d that t his reconunendation be APPROVED.
All were in favor .
STREET VIADUCTo) H. D. Roberts and D. S . Thurmond. (H . D. Roberts 9
Rou te 1, Box 418 , Mableton 9 Georg i a ; D.S. Thurmond 9 Route 5 9 Box 279-A,
Austell, Georg i a .
An off ~street park i ng l ot with a total of 45 parking
spaces; a tte nda nt parking, 3 inbound r eservoir spa ces; one e ntrance and
one exit on Old Wee. Hunter Street .
In the abs ence of t he appl icants, the City Traffic Engineer presented
t he plan for the pr oposed parking lot a nd reconunended approval. IN
EXECUTIVE SESSION, :i.t was moved a nd se onded that this reconnnendation
be APPROVED., All were in favor .
304~312 SPRING STREET, N. W. Bi. 11 Todd , Inc a ; Mr. Robe rt W. Todd,
33 Gi.lmer Street , S . E. An off~street parking l ot with a tota l of 69
pa rking s pa cEe; attendant parking; 4 i nbound and 4 outbound rese rvoir
s paces; two entrancei;; a nd two exits on Street .
In the absence of Mr o Todd , the Ci ty Traffic Engineer present e d the
plan for the propose d parking 1 t . Mr . Bevins pointed out that Mr . Todd
needed to r eorgani ze the driveway arrangements so that they would better
r e lat e to the a i sles.
Giving ba ckground ormat ion~ Mr . Bevi ns s aid that the parking lot had
been in opera tion for some time without a permit and that the City Clerk
had notified Mr . Todd that a pe rmit would be require d if the parking
lot were t o cont i nue in opera tion . Mr. Bevins ment ioned that, on
several , it had been observed that vehicles were parked on
the sidewalk area adjacent to t he park ing lot and that a chain or
fence would remedy t his situat lon . Af ter dis cuss i on, the Ci ty Traffic
�Minute s of the Traff ic a nd Tra ns porta tion Commission Me et ing ; March 27, 1967 ,
page 3
Eng ineer recommended a pproval wi th the pr ov 1.s 1.on that all excessive
dr i veway s pa ce be phys ical ly cl osed , either wi th a suitable chain, or
fenc e , or by ra i s i ng the cur b , and with the restric t i on of NO LEFT
TURNS into the two ent rances or out of t he two exi ts on Spring Street.
IN EXECUTIVE SESSION, it wa s moved and seconded that this recommenda~
ti.on be APPROVED . All we r e in fav or .
REPORT OF TRAFFI C ACCIDENTS, Supe rintendent J . L. Mose l ey .
Super i ntendent Mosel ey r e ported that t otal enf orceme nt was u p approximately
17% a nd that, no t only had the number of cases increased , but the number of
adj udi ca ted cases resulting i n a pena lty had i ncrea sed to app roximately
95%. He expla ined that this hi gh percenta ge indica te d that the cas es made
were 11good ca ses ~11
Sergea n t Michael Edwards r e porte d t he fo llowing traffi c accidents thr ough
March 26, 1967, a s c ompa red wi t h the s ame pe riod in 1966.
196 7
Fatal A c c i d e n t so . o oeoooG OO QOOOO•o o o o o e o o o o o e o o
Injured Accident s •••••••••••••••• ••• ••• • •• •••• 577
Pr oper ty Dama ge Accidents •• • ••••• • ••• ••••••••• 4,5 57 • •••• ••• •• 5,109
I V.
5,72 4
Mr . Bevins r e ported tha t a traff ic si gnal metering devi ce had recently
be en i ns t a lled on t he northbound Freeway on~r amp a t Tenth Street . He
said t hat it is taking a l itt l e more time to get 6nt o the Freewa y at
of f=pea k per i ods a nd t hat the t i me to get onto the Freeway du ring peak
periods is abou t the same . In answer t o a question from the Vice Cha irman re ga rding any decrea se in rear end co llisions, Mr . Bevins re ported
that no accidents had occurred on t he on~ramp since the installation of
t he met ering device . However , he pointe d out tha t t h i s coul d be me re l y
a "happenstance . " He mentioned t hat the only problem encountered thus
f a r was tha t some motor ists we re not ob s erving t he tra ffic signa l, that
a s tudy made last week indi cat ed vio l ations as high as 20% . He said
that ~ of course , it wa s alwa ys be tter to get " v oluntary compliance , "
rather tha n enf orced complia nce j and tha t furt he r studies would be
made in the near futur e. . Orig inal observance was 96% to 97% . In
sunnna ti.on, he sai d that the Traffic Engineer ing De pa r tme nt wa s we ll
plea sed with t he installa tion , since over 78 accidents were r eported
a t the lo cat ion last year .
CASCADE AVENUE , from Beec.he r St r eet t oward Sandtown Road. Mr . Bevins
re ported t hat last year had been removed f rom this section of
Cascad e Avenue a nd tha t it has been ma rked wi th a cent e r line and two
lane lines . He s a id t hat complaints have been received from t he residents tha t they hav di ff icu lty entering Ca scade Avenue from their
Minutes of the Tr aff i c and Trans porta tion Corrnnissi on Meeting; March 27 , 1967 ;
page 4
dr i veways o Not ing t hat at l east one r es ident would probably appear at
the next meeting of the Tr affi c , Parking and Transit Corrnnittee to request that on= street parking be allowed on Cascade Avenue, Mr. Bevins
expla ined t ha t he wanted the Commission to be aware of the matter.
WEST MARIETTA STREET, N.W.,, be t ween Ashby Street and Marietta Boulevard.
Mr o Bevins s aid that he als o wished t he Commission to be aware of another
matter to be b rought be fo re the Traffic, Parking and Transit Committee at
its next meetingo He explained that the Committee had previously heard
from Mr. Henry H. Ogden, Ogden Equ i pment Company, a nd from representatives
of Mea d Packaging, wh i ch is loca ted across the street from Ogden Equipment
Company , r ega r di ng on-s treet parking on the southwest side of the street .
He fu rthe.r explained tha t , when the NO PARK.ING 7:00 A.M. TO 9:00 A.M.
restric tion was re pla ce d with a NO PARK.JNG ANY TIME regu lation on the
sou t hwes t side of Wes t Marie t ta Stree t alongside Mead Packaging property
and as a result of a n investigation reques t ed by Mead Packaging, Mro Ogden
requested tha t the previous rush hour restriction be re-ins talled to allow
hi s employees a place to park on t he s treet after Noon (Mr. Ogden 's
empl oyees had previously moved their automobiles from the northwest to
the s outhwes t side of Wes t Marietta Street at Noon in order to comply
with t he ru h hour r entrict ions o) s ince no off-s treet parking was currently
avai l able f or Ogden Equ i pme n t Company employeeso
Re pc r ting tha t t he Committee had di rected the two companies concerned
t o send r e presentatives to t he l ocati on , with. a staff member of the
Tra f f ic Eng ineering Depart me n t to a ct as med i ato r a nd a dvisor , and to
work ou t a satis fac tory compromise wh i ch wou ld allow approximate ly
fifteen on- street pa rking s paces on t he sout hwest side of West Marietta
Street a.longsi. de Mead Packaging except from 7 :00 AoM. T·O 9 : 00 A.M. and
except a t strategi po ints which wou ld obs t ruct s i ght distance or create
traffic congest i on for vehic l es entering or ex i ting f r om Mead Packaging
dr ivewa ys o On- street parking had been r eins talled. Mro Bev ins sa i d
tha t he had been noti f ied that re presentat i ves of Mead Packaging planned
to a ppea r before the Committee at its next me eting.
....,UCKIE STREET, N. Wo, from Techwood Drive to North Avenue . Mr o Bevins
re ported tha t, since Luck i e Street is be ing res urfac ed, t he Traffic
Eng ineer ing De partment wil l t ake t his opportun i ty to rel ocate the center
line and lane line:s i.n order to make five lane s . He explained tha t it
would be necessary to r emove al l pa r k i ng on the wes t side of t he stree t
but that on-street parking would be re ta i ne d on the eas t si de o Mr . Bev ins
said t ha t, as a result, two lanes inbound a n d t wo l a nes ou t bound would
be in use at all times .
I N ANSWER TO A QUESTI ON as to the park i ng restrict ions on Peachtree
Road south of Centra l Chevrolet, 293 0 Peachtree Road 9 N.Wo 9 Mro Bev ins
said, " There is no restriction at all from Centra l Chevro l et on down
�Minutes of t he Traffic and Transportation Commission Meeting ; March 27 9 1967 ;
page 5
past The Cathedral of St. Ph i. lip. 11 He me nt ioned that this section of the
west side of Pea chtree Road was 11 on the 11 for future removal of onstreet pa rking a s wa s the east of Peachtree Road i.n the area of the
Ca the dral of Chris t the King. It was discuss ed that one parked vehicle
necessit a ted much la ne changing and created traff i c congestion in the
a rea.
IN ANSWER TO A QUESTI ON regarding the final action of t he Board of Alder~
me n on the Commissi on's recomme nda tions to ban parking on certain st ree ts,
Mr. Bev ins gave a brief surmnary. He me ntioned that, although at first
gla n e it mi gh t 1,~ ok a s t hough littl e was accomplished in the removal of
on =st r eet parking; i n actuality some impor tant progressive steps were
t aken.
THE USE OF RADAR DEVICES was the next t opic of discussion. Mr. Bevins
remarke d tha t add itional si gns would probably be needed . Po i nt ing out
tha t he would l ike to avoi d placing more signs than necessary, he assured
t he Commission that the Tr aff i c Engi ne e ring Depa rtment could, if need be,
s uppl y the si gns 11 in a hur ry . 11 He said that the Depar tment had about
1 ,000 p ie ces of metal available with i n a we ek or 10 days which would
certain l y get the pro j e ct underway.
Monday , Apr i l 24 , 1967.
The mee t ing wa s adjourne d at 3:: 10 p.m.

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