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Mayors Seek Coalition to Fight Crisis in Cities
By Robert E. Baker
concerned with the quality of "Ideas .are pretty perWashington Post staff Writer
life in cities, whose pTesident, suasive," he s,aid.
EiaM. big-dty mayors-led Stephen R. Currier, had invit- Bwt
Cavana gh
by Repub1ican J ohn v. Lind- ed t~e mayors to yesterday's added tha1;, th~ ~oalition w~~ld
say of New York and Demo- meeting.
a1~~ haye polit1c,al muscle. .
crat Jerome P. Cavanagh of itJhe mayor~ told reporte,r s
O~v~ously, every mayor 1~
Detroit-yesterday called for after the sessrnn thait they.had a pol!trcal creature of sorts,
a new coalition" to fight the talked about the problems of he said.
crises in the cities.
their cities and _how they have Cavanagh said the Urban
attempted to handle them. America
. g h
Th e gro up , mee trn
· t o wou ld diff er· m
· 1·ts emp h as1s
ne,rt s· tep, th ey sa1'd , rs
t e eve o f P res1.d e n t J oh nso n's ste b1'
t f
· T
th u s c f
State of the Union message, fe a his alit_1s o d ptnon iehs Mrom
e d. . then erenti~e ol
,also defend ed present F ederal ·or_ t e coa ion an o re~c
ay:rs an . . e
a, ona
programs and said it would be a_gieemenit on common obJec- Lea.,ue of C1ti~s. He heads
"catastrophic" i£ they were tivTebs.
d th t th
bt ot_h gdroups,_twh1icbhbh e cU.harbaccut back.
ey s' resse
ey e-nze_ as ci Y . 0 ies. r an
. . .
. .
were concerned with more Amenca, h e sa1d, w!ll ha ve a
,thThe coaht10 n env1s1011ed
· t byf ,tihan Federal money · Currier broader base. and will be "an
~o nsis od said they would solici1t help articulate voice on the nationb e. mayors1 bwou
usmess, a or u~1?ns . an from "many other iruterests in a l level."
leaders of the c1v1l rights this country."
Cavanagh, who previously
movemeint .
Cited as city problems were had called on P.resident JohnThe purpose is to develop a dwindling taxes, rising wel- son to r econsider any planned
n ational consensus that will fare costs, housing deteriora- cuts in poverty, housing and
make the solutions to urban tion , shorta,g es of operating education programs, yesterday
proble ms a top national prior- reve nue and trapsortation took the occasion to sup port
the full $200-million funding
The catalyst for forming tl~e Currier described the coali- of •the War on P overty's comcoalition is Urban America, tion effoz,t as an educational munity action programs.
Inc., a non-profit organization one t hait would project ideas.
New York's Lindsay put in
a plug for "reasonable" funding of the Administration's
demonstration cities program
and said the Fede~al Gove_rnment should consider taking
over ~l welfare programs.
The action by the mayors
yesterday was significant for
two r easo ns. It fw:,ther voiced
their supp-01,t of antipoverty
program s, r eiportedly now m
j eop~?~· which some of them
had mrtially opposed.
And the proposed coalition
may provide new spirit and
direction for the civil rights
M ayors ,a tten d'mg ..c·h,e u r b am
Americ,a session, ;in addition
to Cavanagh and
were Theodore R. McKel
Jr. of BaltimoTe' T. G. cu of Denver;' Robert
Hi.Lgh of Miami; Henry
Maier of Milwaukee; Jose
M. Bairr of Pibtsburgh,
Harold Tollefson of Taco
Wash .
Also attend'"" were r e
sentatives of u ,.,Mayors Iv

A~en Jr. of Atlanta, John
Collins of Bos,ton, Richard
Daley of Chicago, Richard
Lee of New Haven, James
J. Tate of Philadelph ia, Te
Schrunk of Portland o
I f
h II
an d J o h n . F . "'·
o e ey o

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