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June 25, 1967


Estimate Available

No. Units 1967 1968 1969

22h (203),) (18)

2,96 (93) (815)
Total In Sight ~8,209 (2137) (1253)



Being Considered 8,003

Doubtful 2,830 ©


Total. Proposed 22,194 of wnich 8,183 units, considered appropriate, are currently in serious difficulty, due

primarily to objections from various sources as to locations (0,713 units in tne Being
Considered Category anu 1,470 units in the Doubtful Category. See separate list of

2 3 oo y
"Problem Areas"),

In addition, 3427 units have been rehabilitated t.rough the Housing Code Division, 143
units by the H.A. in the West Fnd U. R. Project and 30 units voluntarily by private
enterprise .«

*Ineludes 110 units of Pd. + 1125 units under Turnkey for PH. + lo2 units leased for Pelle

Respectfully Submitted,
a Pee

3 = ot


4 = =

Malcola D. Jones §
Supervisor of Tnspection Services

Fnclosures: 1. Notes on Related Matters
2. Summary of Public ‘lousing in Atlanta

28, 1967

Sinee compiling the previous report (April 20, 1967), 23 additional proposals have been made. Total is now 95. However, 13 of these proposals
constituting 3152 units, which were originally expected to be approved, have been rejected and are now considered as "lost". Tn addition, 18
croposals constituting 5,153 units are in scrious difficulty due privarily to objections from various sources as to lecations.

indation for Cooperative Housing, which developed Fasiwych Village and Cambridge Square (both in DeXalb County), nov has a full tine
soa ative in Atlanta and is seexing clients. They are sponsoring the 200 unit London Towne Houses development in Atlanta (Item F-5).

Saul Gray is a partner in a Corporation which owns 280 new units off Bankhead at Iloridge St., which he wants to sell, + a potential development
on the site for 512 additional units. Area is already zoned A~l.

Proposed locations for low cost housing are beiny coordinated with the Planning Depbes when initially submitted, for adequacy of Community
Pacilities,cxisting or proposed. Proposals are also reviewed periodically with the School Dept. for adequacy of school facilities.

Rehabilitation by Housing Code Division of Building Department on Boulevard in Bedford-Pine U. R. Project (appre ximately 7CO units involved)
commenced February 1. The U. 2. project is still in survey and planning stage. A list is available in Housing Resources Committee oifice

of 103 units on Poulevard which the omers stated they wish to sell, rather than rehabilitate. This list has Been made available .o the H.A.
and to a National concern interested in developing a Rehabilitation Demonstration project in that area.

In view of difficulties encountered in zoning and getting approvals on sites proposea for large multi-family developments, it is apparent that
the low income housing program will have io lean heavily on Developers and fuilders providing a substantial portion of the program on small
scattered sites. Thus far, 4l5 sin-le family houses (Item F-14) and 6822 nits in duplexes and small apartment. developments under conventional
financing are already in this category.

No proposal has yet been made for construction of units (even efficiency or 1 bedroom) to rent for as low as $50.00 per month, The City's
greatest need is in the $30.00 ~ $50.00 per month rental range.

Charles A. eller Companies of Jonesboro is promoting the Sweat Equity Program (FHA insured mortgae) whereby the purchaser earns the bulk of
his down payment through cleaning, painting and landscaping. National Homes Corp. of Lafayette, Inc. placed on the market Feb. 1, 1907, a

&00 S.F. (0.8. dimensions) 3 bedroom, prefabricated, preassembled panel, single family house plus a 96 S.¥. (1.8. dimensions) storage bvilding
manufactured by Arrow Metal Products Corp, to sell under FHA 221 (d) (2). Price includes plumbing, electrical, heating mit, slove *%
House can be completely assembled in 85 man hours; 53 of those were permitted in June for erection in the Thomasville Urban Renewa.
Adrian Homes Corp. has proposed a prefab it. vetail for about $7,500 plus land, foundation, closing and possibly tapping fees.

aif Ae NS

See Summary (p. 26) for overall status of the program and Summary of Public Housing (p. 20)) for the overall Pubiie Yousing contribution to the

Je Information is ielcomed as to chanzes, additions or deletions in maierial contained in this report. (Call 522-.h03, Pxt.)30).

Enels fl






Encl, #2

June 26, 1967

(mits in operation ~ filled.
Units in Developrent stage, as follows:

Units off MeDaniel St., in Rawson-‘iashington U. R. Project (scheduled for completion by June 30, '6%)
(28) by Oct. '67
(1102) by March '68

Units in Thomasville U.R. Project
( lO) 1 Bedroom (16 for elderly) In hands of architect. To advertise in Fall, 2-3 months
(120) 2 Bedroom additional before construction can start. lé@ months, at least,
( &0) 3 Bedroom aidiiional for construction.
( 80) Bedroom Will try to have part delivered before final.
( 30) 5 Bedroom

Units, Perry flomes Extension ~ South of Procter Creek.
(78) 3 Bedroom
(16) : Bedroom Bids opened March 7, 1907. Permit issued Way 'o7.
(16) 5 Bedroom Estimate 18 monihs to construct.

Units previously allocated ~ Proposed Turnkey; 1125 tentatively pledged on sites approved by HUD (Boggs 6-21)

Units allocated for lease (Is only possibility for additional Public Housing units in
occupaney summer, 1967; can only be turned over for Public Yousing o:cupaney as become vacant).

Units under lease 162
(65 inits, Murphy Apts.; 8 uniis, Tennessean Commons; 31 units, Sims Maddox's Apts. at Capitol
and YVinara, require rehabilitation.); 18 units on dargan Place.

Total additional plained, as indicated above.

New Allocation - Proposed Turnkey. Avproved by Rd. of Aldermen, Dec. 20, 19660. Reservation by UD
announced eb. 2h.

Additional allocation recently requested for leasing pro;ram,


otal additional units projected (610)

Total Potential
public items show