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Undeserved-Abuse For Atlanta
The civil r igh ts movement will
lose gro un d ·fasl if Negroes fall fo r
the phony "bl ack power li Lany
chanted by the liJ<es -0£ Snick's Stokely Carmichael.
The Carmichael crowd demonstra ted it poten tial for evil in Atlan ta t he
other n ight when it t urned an inciden t into a full blown riot .
Atlan ta is known t h1;oughout t he
na tion as a Southern city wil·h a solid
record o.f i;-aci?-1 progres . . Communication between the Negro communi ty
and Lhe city's leadership as represent-
ed by Mayor Ivan Allen was excellent.
Ye t when t he courageous mayor
strode in to t he crowd and appeared to
h ave it under control, t he Carmichael
ga ng worked its mi schief as though
t hey h ad rehearsed i_t.
The resulting destruction will set
race relations in Atl anta back many
yeaJiS. Atlanta did not deserve t his
a bu se. And as for t he rank and fil e
demonstrators who were deceived by
t he call for "black power," we quote
Mayor Allen's lamen t : "They don· t
k now. They j ust don't know."

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