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Parsonage, 2815 Dahlia St. Church Phone 222-5390
Phone 333-9458


Rt. ae ie a eae 1500 East 22nd Avenue REV. e ee eee PELLE
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1724 Villa Place Denver 5, Colorado 704 East Colorado Ave.
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Nashville 15, Tennessee Rev. Duke Galamare Minister Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mayor Irvan Allen Jr.
Mayors Office,

Atlanta , Ga.
Dear Mayor Allen;
Kindly allow me to exvress my gratitude to you for the courageous
stand you took in the disturbant created in your fair city.:
You exemplified courage and leadership beyound the call of duty.
J am a Negro minister born in Georgia and am interested in the
progress made under your fair leadership.The Denver Post has
carried several articles relative to the progress you hove made.
It is to bad that this Carmichael is alloud to go around Pedling

hate ,he has done more to destroy the transquility and harmony
of the racial question than any one man in the country.Perhaps this
is unreasonable to ask of you but I should like for you to use all
that is withen your power to take him out of circulation if its only
for a year then we would have an opporfunity to try to convert
some of his misguided followers.

Respectfully yours,



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