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Atlanta Mayor Faults SNCC for Rioting
ATLANTA , Ga . (AP) Ma yor I van Allen jr.
char ged Wednesday that
Student Nonviol ent Co-or dinati ng Committee m em bers were directly res ponsi ble for Tuesday night's
r ioting that shattered Atlanta 's image of r acia l
h armony.
Allen told a news co nference that the disorders
"were the result of a deliberate attem pt by certain
mem bers of SNCC to
create an incident of this
The silver-haired mayor,
w o climbed on top of a
ca and t ried to calm the
jeeri'ng, angr y Negroes
duri ng ·the disorder , sa id :
1'If Stokely Carmichael
(nat ional cha ir m a n of
S;-fCC) is looking for a battleground, he created one
last night, and he 'll be met
in whatever situat ion he
cares t o create. "
Carmichael, along with
other SNCC members , was
in th e ar ea before the rioting began, but he was no t
se n t here later.
Officers safd SNCC r e pre entatives ur ged
crowd t o demonstrate and
denounce d police officer s
as they cha nte d " black
power. "
Seventy-two p e r s o n s
were arrested a nd 15 injured during the out break
- the worst t he city has
exp erie nced in m o d e r n
t imes - which broke out
after a white policem a n ·
shot a Negro wanted on a
car theft charge.
P olice a rrested 10 person s a t the riot scene Wednesday after a crowd gathered and began passing
l e a fl e t s and shouting
"black power ." Officers
ordered the crowd t o disperse and those who r efused were taken a way in
pa dd y wagons . Order was
quickly restored.
" The spark of violence
ignited by a few reckless
and ir r espon sible individuals touched off a n explosion of civil di sorder t hat
sha ttered At la nta' s long
and outstanding recor d of
racial amity," the m ayor
sai d.
" F ro m what I heard with
m y own ears a nd saw with
m y own eyes in the middle
of thi s m elee , I feel certai n
that hund reds of normally
good citizens were infla m ed out of their normal
good senses . They wer e
victimized by those who
sought t o incite viole nce."
R e f e r r i n g to recent
cha r ges by SNCC m embers
of poli ce bru tality, Allen
said , hitting a clinch ed fist
on the t able for emphasis:
"No one need m a ke
cha r ges t o m e a bout police
bru tality during this di sorder. I saw plenty of br utali-
ty, but it was all directed
against the police officers. "
In a separate news confe rence Wednesday, P olice
Chief Herbert J enkins said
SNCC officials include " irresponsible and hoodlum
leaders" and that its ran k
a nd file consi sts "mostly
of cr iminals, hoodlums
a nd outlaws of all types ."
Jenkins said t he Student
Coor dinating
Committee" is no w the
nonstudent violent committ ee. And we mu st a nd will
deal with it accordingly."
Stokely' Carmichael
Mayor Ivan Allen

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