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Johnson City, Tennesee
September 10, 1966

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jdr.,
Mayor, City of Atlanta
Atlanta Georgia

Dear Mayor:

I am glad to note that the law has at long last cracked
down on one of the Communist dominated Black Power, birds namely
Stokeley Carmichael, there is more yet to crack down on, and the
sooner it is done the better American Society will be.

I congratulate you upon the stand you have taken in getting
the recent riot quelled in your model City. We , and all of the
American people knows where the blame lies in our Nation wide
race demonstrations ( the Administration in Washington, including
the Justice Department)

Demonstrations could be stopped almost over night if the
Justice Department in Washington, would issue an order that no
further protection would be given to Demonstration activities,
by the FBI Agents, and then the Governor's of States issue the
same order that their State Police, and National Guard would not
render to any type of Demonstrators protection, and the Sheriff's
Department of Counties, and the City Official's follow with such
order like wise, then the demonstrations would immediately cease,
Martin Luther King and his gang of thug leaders would not dare
stage a demonstration. Butjust as long as the U.S. Justice Dept.,
and our State, County and City Governments guard and uphold such
demonstrations, (at the Costs of Million of Dollars) then that is
just how long the demonstrations will go on.

I have recently been in the States of Michigan, Ohio, West
Virginis, Kentucky Virginia, Alabama, North, and South Carolina,
Pennsylvania, Tennessee and your own State of Georgia, and I find
that the American people are getting sick and tired of Demonstrations,
and they are hoping for an end to such law violations, I am frank
to say I think that deep down at heart about 70% of the Negro race
feels likewise; You take Martin Luther King running from State to
State hiding under the cloak of Christian nonviolence leadership,
such is farr from the truth, he always shows up just after a masacre
of violence, Arson, looting and destruction of private property, he
says to make an investigation into the matter, and the very next day
he comes up on TV and charges Police Brurality, such is farr from
the truth and he well knows it, and the American people ought to
know it, if they dont they are very dumb indeed. Martin Luther King
should be deported from the United States, maybe he could go to Africa
maybe they could indure him.

Mr. Mayor you know there is a gang of thugs on some bodys pay-
roll, running from State to State stiring up these demonstrations,
some in the guise of Priests, Ministers, Actors, I brant them all just
plain low down thugs and racketeers, neither cares one thing about God,
they dont even know or care where there is even a God or not, all they

care about is to raise H--- and encourage a weak minded race and poogee
to follow their suit, for America to uphold such is a disgrace indeed.
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