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Norfolk, Va.
Sept. 9, 1966

The Honorable Mayor Ivan Allen Jr.,
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sir:

Just want to offer my sympathy to you
and say that I admire you very much for your
stand on the Riot which you so cruely had to
endure the other day. You were very brave and
courageous. The next time get out machine guns,
that is the only thing that will settle those
black savages down, They have that savage blood
in their veins and will never be rid of it, so
they will have to be treated as savages in order
to protect the white man. They are out to mongrelize
and destroy the white man,and that is what they are
well on the way to atcomphishmÊent if something or
some one doesn't start something drastic.

A maniac like stokley Carmichael hasn't
got any business being allowed to run around free
on this earth endangering the people in your city
or any other. Something should be done about hin,
and Martin Luther King, the Black Savages.

Keep up your attitude and fortitude against
these fiends. You were too fair and good to them at
first and see what they did to you for it.

I pray that God will help you and take

your side in this struggle. We are looking for
something similar to happen here also,

My best regard to you and the good police
men in your city, they need protection and I hope
will defend themselves in spite of the consequences.

Sincerely yours

Cone tiga Tad

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