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Sept. 7, 1966

Dear Sir:

I am sure you are as sick and disgusted, as many of we Americans are,

over the violence in your fine city this week. It is shameful and
frightening to realize what the leaders of the civil rights movement
are doing to our beautiful country, all under the guise of civil
rights, which has ultimately, proven nothing more than civil disobedi-
ence. It is time for the decent and law abiding citizens of this coun-
try, to have some guts, and let it be known and understood, that we are
no longer going to tolerate any more of this nonsense; which tends to
stir emotions to the boiling point. I am appalled at the treatment to-
wards you; the Mayor; just a few, short years ago, this would have con-
stituted a major offense, and action would have been taken, according-
ly. I truly fear for the safety of our citizens, for this thing is far
from over, and if the Raby's, King's and Carmicheals have their way,
they won't be satisfied until they have destroyed our country.

It is time for the pseudo-intellectuals and the do-gooders, to wake up
to the fact, that they are part of activities, that are not aimed at
honorable goals. It is very important to remember, that this land has
more successful negros than anywhere else on this earth.

I keep hearing voices chanting; "equality". What does this mean? I

was always of the belief that God gives us our lives, and what we do
with it, is for us to decide. How does one judge equality, when each

of us is an individual, with individual likes and dislikes, with indi-
vidual abilities, and thank the Good Lord He made life in this manner.
How boring and unchallenging if sameness were a way of life. A man has
to stand on his merits, andvthis God bless land, he is allowed to go to
any height, but it does take sheer determination and goals. Man, no
matter the color of the skin, does not survive by having things handed
to him; much to the contrary; those who do the most and get the most

out of life; are those who work the hardest. Government cannot "force"
individuals to live together, this has to evolve; if it is meant to be;
out of the intent of those involved. We are all aware of the fact, that
many negros have shown themselves responsible and respectible, but it is
the others, that are causing many questiƩns to be asked. These, are the
ones, who to my way of thinking, are playing a very dangerous "game", a
game that may well prove disastrous to both races, if allowed to contin-
ue. The news-media(sall forms) have an obligation to print the truth a-
bout how many communists are definitely behind the civil rights move-
ment. It has been proven again and again, and I fear, too many people,
still are not well informed of this fact. If our nation is not restor-
ed to law and order, I, for one, shudder to think of what the immediate
future has in store for us. God blessed this nation beyond any other
nation in recorded history, and it appears, we have turned our backs on
all we had going for us. If this be true, and we continue to follow the
present ccurse, He may well turn His wrath upon this nation...then it
will be too late to turn back and rectify our mistakes. Everything our
forefathers did was in a Godly manner, and nearly everything we do, is
directly in opposition, so is it any wonder we are finding more pro-
blems than we are equipped to handle!

Surely, I am in no position to suggest how you should run your city;

but I can only hope and pray that you and all the leaders of Atlanta,
will be tough, and not succumb to the coercion and harassment that is
all too familiar with the so-ealled leaders of civil rights. They are
diseased in their thinking, and they come into the communities alien to
them, and are content to leave only when, they have the seeds of discon-
tent, well planted. JI had hoped by now, that the President would have
seen fit; for the good of the country; to call a halt to the marches,
riots, sit-ins and all organized attempts to disrupt the natural events,
in communities throughout the U.S.A. It is more and more evident to
those of us watching closely, what a man will allow, for the sake of
vote-getting. Our Pres. could stop what is now becoming a way of life,
for the trouble makers, but such is not the case, so it seems to me, and
to many, many others, that local officials must take the initiative to
protect all the innocent citizens of their towns and cities. We cannot
and must not allow any more @f civil disobedience, as something the de-
cent and law-abiding people must live in fear about. Please, please do
not let the nuts put you into a position of they dictating to you and
the other city officialsi:what has taken place in Chicago, regarding the
final outcome from Gity Hall, has made so many of us sick at heart. I
am married to a Realtor, so I feel it is unnecessary to say how I feel
about the loss of a very, precious freedom; that of Property Rights.

God bless kv Dirksen, they never tire of trying to make a fool out of
his convictions, but I cannot think of another politician, who can come

up to his waist!

God is testing this nation in so many ways, that it takes someone much
shrewder than I, to keep up with it. The Forces of Evil attack only
when they see weakening cracks that they are able to split wide open. I
hope and pray, that this Nation of Sheep, will wake up, before it is too
late. Good luck and God bless you; I sincerely hope you have seen the

last of chaos and confusion.
Mane ype L as

Mrs Anne MacDonald
hl67 Braeburn S.E.
Grand Rapids, Mich.
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