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Stokely's ability to attract the television and radio audience,

Mr, Allen, it seems to me that you ought to be thankful that
you just recently ran into a Stokely Carmichael. You accuse him
of inciting a riot--a charge that Southern officials level only at
civil rights devotees--when nothing but luck held down the tempers
of the minority citizens while Atlanta was permitting the existence
of inflammatory activity by such as the cross-burning rabble rous-~
ers who have used your town without any comment from you.

Mr. Allen, the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee
should not be made to pay the political campaign financial demands
placed on you and your friends.

Mr. Allen, do not rush to assume the self-delegated responsi-
bility of trying to rid this free country of Mr. Carmichael; you
will be just a puppet who will get no national praise, except it
be that which comes from your family.

Brother Allen, the way you imprisoned Stokely and his aides is
no more just than the way some unwise former rulers imprisoned the
likes of Paul and Silas. The Apostle Paul “incited a riot," and
Jesus Christ really stirred up the people. But Jesus came not to
destroy the law, but to fulfil it. So did Stokely Carmichael, Mr.
Alien, the only reason you threw Stokely in jail is that he is
your first encounter with a black man who is not afraid of you.

Mr. Carmichael will not bow down to you, and that is the shock of
your lifetime, Because of it, you give him the Daniel treatment.

You know as well as I do that Carmichael did not cause your
riot. Stokely called your number, and you tried to save face. You
are not "too full of the milk of human 'kindness! to catch the near-
est way.”

Mr. Allen, what makes you think you can make the nation believe
that a jury in Atlanta will be honest with a man like Stokely?

Who is Ivan Allen?

Mr. Mayor, every college town has some facade of prosperity.
Yours is manifold, college-wise. But you forget the poor man. Even
the few civil rights leaders with whom you smile are well-to-do.

But what about the poor-~-the only people police rush to shoot? You
overlook them and expect a few wealthy Negro professors and lawyers
and preachers and doctors to spread your "fame" throughout the land.

But Mr. Allen, Stokely Carmichael is an educated philosopher. His
intellect is keener than mine and yours put together. (A11 the more
reason you should hate him, perhaps?) He can perceive the limita-
tions of your liberal attitude. We saw Los Angeles exposed. Will
Atlanta follow similarly?

Stokely Carmichael could become the best friend you ever had,
but the move seems to be up to you. Do you have guts enough to go
before your jury and halt the persecution of those innocent people?
Stokely Carmichael needs no lawyer. He needs only one defense
witness--Ivan Allien, You were weak enough to stab him, so are you
strong enough to bandage the wound and thereby put your name on the
list of saints alongside that of my good former Governor Leroy Col-
lins? (Both you and the Governor would still have to take care not
to get yourselves toppled from "my mention." "My mention" is the
cause for which all the civil rights leaders have striven so hard.)
If you cannot do this, Brother Allen, the door to notoriety which
recently admitted certain other "officials" we both know is still

When you go to bed at night and can't fall asleep (I know you
can't.), try thinking of that black man you threw in jail without
reason. Counting sheep and taking sleeping pills will not erase in-

Stokely Carmichael hits home runs. Isn't Ivan Allen striking

Yours in peace,
— J boa Mork fk

Tillman Mack Peck

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