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September 6, 1966
1805 North Indian Creek Dies 1
- Mobile, sPaaPaeee


Honorable Joe R. Pool


House Unamerican Activities Committee
House Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20515


Dear Congressman Pool:

Enclosed is a copy of a great speech by Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, Director,
Federal Bureau of Investigation, made to the Masons October 19, 1965.
Your attention is invited to page 8 wherein Mr. Hoover states, "Standing
in the forefront of the communist campaign to confuse the minds, distort
the thinking and win the support of uur young people is the DuBois Clubs
of America - an illegitimate spawn conceived by the Communist Party and
nurtured by a trusted band of youthful adherents to the cause of world
Marxism."' Mr. Hoover further states that the civil rights organizations
that cross this land are being permeated by communists. I, for one,
believe that Mr. Hoover is 100% correct and that all too often our Attorney
General Nicholas Katzenbach is 100% wrong, when it comes to the hard
problem of identifying known communists.

Also enclosed is a news article by former Governor, Ross Barnett of
Mississippi, who states that the nation is now suffering from "planned,
organized, red infiltrated violence, under the guise of civil disobedience. "
You will note he further identifies Stokeley Carmichael, head of the Student
Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, as one of the principal troublemakers.
A short time ago, Stokeley Carmichael appeared on Meet the Press, a
program which was televised nationwide. He repeatedly and vociferously
stated that he now calls on all negro’ to refuse to serve in the military in
defense of this country. Specifically, he rejected the idea of any negros
serving in Viet-Nam and left no doubt that he is in truth preaching treason
from day to day.

According to the news accounts I have read, Stokeley Carmichael is not
a bona fide citizen of the United States. He admits publicly that he has
never voted in an cdlection and for one so interested in the conduct of our
nation's affairs, this must be proof that he isn't a citizen. I understand

a ’

he was born on the Island of Trinidad and was "educated" at Howard
University, Washington D.C.

You will recall that our country deported a gangster known as Lucky
Luciano for crimes that are considerably below the level of treason.
My simple question ia'' Can you shed true light on the character and
purpose of one Stokeley Carmichael? Next, he should either live by the
laws of this country or he should be deported. Perhaps your great
committee can help in ridding the U.S.A. of these insidious enemies *
that our Justice Department seemingly ignores as civil strife continues
to increase.

In the interest of law over anarchy, I remain


Sincerely yours,


Atchs: Speech by Mr. J. Edgar Hoover
News Article by Governor Ross Barnett —

Copies to: Honorable Frank W. Boykin
Mr. H. L. Hunt 7



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