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9.O0.Box 8022
Atlantea,Ga. 30306

; Sept.30, 1966
Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta, Ga,

Dear Mayor Allen:

In this morning's paper I read of your horrified reaction to Lester
Maddox's victory in the runoff, and I felt compelled to write you and
tell you how much I share your feelings. I have never before felt such
horrified disbelief coupled with such profaund sadness. The contest be-
tween Maddox and Calloway is a contest between an insane racist and a
sahe racist; that's all. Maybe I'll go fishing on election day, too,

I've onLy lived in Atlanta for two years, but I think you've been
doing a wonderful job as mayor, and I've been particularly delighted with
your thoughtful and enlightened attitude towards racial matters. When
you and other guests sang "We Shall Overcome" at the testimonial dinner
for Martin Iuther King, jr. after he won the Nobel Prize, I remember think-
ing how few northern mayors, let alone southern ones, would have the guts
to do something like that, i was Similarly impressed with the thoughtful
and yet firm manner in which you handled the recent racial disturbances
in Atlanta,

I'm certain that your intelligent and understanding outlook on racial
matters will probably get you into many scraps with our next governor,
be it Maddox or Calloway, and I, just want you to know that here are two
more Georgians -— my wife - who will be behind you one hundred
per cent.

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