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Box 19, Folder 14, Document 15

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!? • 0 .Box 0022

_\ tlantc. 7 Ga 30306
Sept.JO, 1 966
ayor I van Allen
City Hal l
Atlant :::, G2. .
Dear :._a or All en:
I n t h is Dorni ng ' s p per I r ea d of ymrr h orr i fied reaction to Lester
n:.ddox ' s victory i n the runoff, and I f e l t compell d to write you and
tell you hov much I share yo1,rr feelin ·s. I ha v e never before fe l t such
h orr i f ie d di sbelief cou-led with such rof mund sadness . The contest be tween I.~ddox a nd Ca lloway is a cont st between an i nsane racist. and a
sah e r ac ist, that ' s all. :aybe I '11 go fis hin[., on el ect ion dny , too .
I ' ve only l ived in Atl a nt~ fo r tv10 years~ but I think y9u ' ve been
d oin a wonderful job as LJ.ayor , and I 've been particul arl r de lighted with
your t h oughtful and enl i ghtened att i t -de towards r a cia l mat ters. Then
you and other guests sang "We Shall Overc ome " a t t he tL-stir1onia l di nner
for Iiart in Luther Kin ,jr. a fter he won the Hobel Pr iz e, I re : ember t h i nki ng h ov, few nort: ern ma;y;ors .z.. let a l one s outhern ones, v.rould ha ve the u ts
to do somethin£ lik that • .L was similar l y i mpressed v1i th the thou.0 1tful
and yet f i rm manner in which you handl ed the recent r ac i a l disturbances
i n Atl ant a .
I ' m cert2 tn that your i ntell i gent and understanding outlook on r a cia l
matters will probably et you into many scra ps i th our next ·overnor,
be it r addox or Ca llov1ay and I 1 j ust want you to knov that h ere are two
rrore Georgians - my wife nd mys.el - who will be be:fuind you onu hundred
per cent.
1 '•
d H•. ,osicha:

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