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811 Oakdale Road, NE
Atlanta, Ga, Sept. 30.

Dear Mayor Allen;

Here I thought I could write - and I am a
master of the written word - but your statement
on Lester Maddox this morning was worded better
than I could have worded it.

It was.a masterpiece!

Not only was it aptly put, but courageous.
All the world rallies to a man of courage...
your star is ascending so rapidly that you are
on your way to being the most respected living

My program (Why in the World?) followed
yours on WAIL last year. . . if I had it now,
the number of my carry-over viewers would be
greater by far.

I enclose a story of mine t ther day
which might interest you.

My regasds!?

ssell Fraser

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