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Box 19, Folder 14, Document 25

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811 Oakdale Road, NE
Atlanta, Ga. Sept. 30.
Dear Mayor Allen;
Here I thought I could write - and I am a
master of the written word - but your state~ent
on Lester Maddox this morning was worded better
than I could have worded it.
It was .a masterpiece!
Not only was it aptly put, but cour ageous.
All the world rallies to a man of cour age • • •
your star is ascending so rapidly t hat you are
on your way to being the most respected living
My p_rogram (Why in the World?) followed
yours on WAI I last year • • • if I had it now,
the number of my carry- over viewers would be
greater by fa r .
I enclose a stor y of mine ~-~·
whic h mi ght i n terest you.

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