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September 30, 1966

The Honorable Ivan Allen,Jr.
Mayor of the City of Atlanta
Office of the Mayor

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

I would like you to know that I agree with your
recent statement concerning the election of Lester
Maddox. There must be many other Georgians who

feel the same way about this situation and I'm glad
you had the courage and forthrightness to put it into
words for all of us.

May I also say that I admire you very much for the
way you handled the recent unfortunate racial dis-
turbances in Atlanta. With more capable, level-
headed men like yourself in office, Georgia would be
a better state and perhaps such political fiascos as
the one mentioned above would not take place.

Thank you for adding to my pride in being a Georgian.



Mrs. C. C. GiddensIII
Gracewood, Ga.

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