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I am heading home, mainly because I have no maid and
the kids will be home from school soon -- but also because
I feel awful -- suffering from the "afters" probably.

It will be impossible to tell exactly where we stand until
the pieces of the puzzle are completely put together, in
about this order: !

1. Curtis is putting together a detailed list of:
Tickets purchased by firms
Tickets purchased by individuals
and checking this against:

Cash receipts on hand or deposited to CofC acct.

Accounts receivable, either billed by him
or those clearing through here - 3 distribubors,
Dobbs House and check for 54 city dept. head tickets.

It will be late this afternoon before he has this in
shape, partially due to CofC board meeting today. He
can bring it over late today or early Thursday morning,
ยข and he will also have the following from Susan (Susan
( Ap will be out of town Thursday so cannot get with us to

check the final figures until Friday morning. )
2. Susan is giving to Curtis:
Tickets given complimentary from original list
sat of political people, dignitaries, mayors, etc.

At Tickets given to Braves people on original basis
Tickets given to Reynolds and Bartholomay late
ov Monday for other Braves people and friends

She will also give him:
Estimates on costs of printing tickets, programs
Cost of band
Cost of actual meals served incl. wine
Cost of free bar

She said the wine was part of meal and was on original
recommendation. Flowers were provided by Marriott.

Strictly off the record, and I shouldn't even say it, but

it looks like we sold around 1,000 tickets and gave away 500.
On that basis, there is certain to be a deficit, perhaps

as much as $2,000 -= but we won't know until the following
information is complete.

I will be out of pocket most of tomorrow, but will be here Friday to
conclude the above, hopefully.

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