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Allen Called
2-Sided on
Racial Issue
Fulton County Young Republicans charged Monday that Mayor
Ivan Allen Jr. "did not speak for
Atlanta" when he urged passage
of thE) controversiaJI civil rights
proposal now before Congress.
In a sharply worded news release1 the Young Republicans, in
effect, charged Allen with duplicity in racial matters and said he
was courting favor with the kennedy aclrrunistration.
The mayor appeared before the
Senate Commerce Committee last
Friday in Washington to urge passage of all portions of the Kennedy
"The mayor's plea for support
of federal civil rights legislation
opposed by nearly all Atlanta
leaders, and by groups such as
the Chamber of Commerce and
Junior Chamber of Commerce,"
the statement said , " is in sharp
contrast to his position on the
Peyton Road banicade a few
months ago, when he personally
ordered physical separation of the
races in that neighborhood."
The mayor's position Friday in
Washington " is just the opposite
of his 1962 stand in support of
county-wide elecbion of state senators in multi-district counties, a
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