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Integrationists Set
Big Atlanta Drive

An Atlan
launching a new and mor
Segregation in the city with

disobedience, fasting and tou
Ralph Moore, a past chairman|

of the Committee on Appeal for
Human Right, warned of ‘‘massive
demonstrations” and said 800-900
persons already are available for
mass street sit-ins.

Spokesmen for the committee
said at a press conference late
Monday afternoon it has become
necessary to resort to such mea-
sures because city and business
officials are dragging their feet
and “Uncle Tom Negroes have
infiltrated the freedom move-

nouncements came shortly after
13 white and Negro demonstrators
were sentenced to 34 days each in
_ Municipal Traffic Court on
charges of blocking traffic and
disorderly conduct - disturbance,
The charges stemmed from a
demonstration last Friday in front
of segregated Leb’s Restaurant
when the 13 persons sat dow
the intersection and
Luckie streets and blocked traffic
for several minutes. —

Larry Fox, Negro student chair-
man of the Committee on Appeal
for Human Rights, attended the
demonstrators’ trial, then called a
press conference immediately
after their conviction.

He said the 13 prisoners refused
the choice of paying a $34 fine
each and instead have pledged to
fast during their 34 days in jail.
The actions of the demonstrators,
he said, “have formally given
notice that we are going to keep
trying to desegregate Atlanta.”




HE SAID, “We will continue
street demonstrations until the
situation has been remedied, un-
til segregation has been elimi-
nated in Atlanta," is

. Moore said demonstrations
ail ta Eevee on Leb's Restau-
rant and on City Hall—Lehb’s be-
eatise it is a “‘symbol” of con-

ta civil rights froup announced
e intensive attack on T

| city government in the same ratio

it is
assive demonstrations, civil
gher terms of negotiation.

Hall because qualified Negroes
cannot obtain employment there.
He said, “Just replacing a
white employe leaving City Hall
with a Negro is not fast enough,
We need corrective action.”’
Asked if this meant firing some
white persons so that more Ne-
grees could get on the payroll,
at Motte smiled and remarked,
‘T di
corrective action,”




HE DID ASSERT, however, that
e€groes should he employed in

n’t say that. I said we need |

as their percentage in the gen-
eral population.

He praised Mayor Allen for his
support of President Kennedy's
proposed public accommodations
law but added the mayor still
“has not exhausted his moral in-
fluence” in helping Atlanta Ne-
groes to “achieve first-class citi-

“Since small, nonviolent demon-
strations have been ineffective,”
he continued, “we're going to in-
volve as many people in Atlanta
now 4S we can.’”’ He said his or- |
ganization was now able to mar-
shal 800-900 demonstrators,

HE SAM. “Uncle ‘Tom Nsc-oe0s
have infiltrated’ the committee.
Mr. Fox pointed out, ‘In the
past three years, some people who
are not interested in the student
movement have tried to infiltrate
and water down our action.” é
He said attempts are being
made to oust ‘the Uncle Tom
types.” He repeatedly declined
to identify by name those mem-
bers of the Atlanta Negro com-
munity that he considered ‘‘Uncle
Tom types.”

Mr. Moore added that in future
negotiations with Mayor Allen, |
the committee will refuse to talk |
if the mayor includes “Uncle |
Tom Negroes” at the BarEpInENE |

He said demonstrators will start |
resorting now to street demon-
strations ‘‘because the police,
judges, officials and the state are
not protecting them at restau-

tinuing segregation in the private

sector of the economy, and City!

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