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July 27 , I963
Honorable Ivan Allen Jr.
Ma yor of Atle.n t a
The enclosed f a ctual i nformation ought to shed
some light upon the issues -of to-day . Please rea d"
very ca r efull y before you decide to follow the f a l se
The same elements who misused - the p ea sants in
destroying the mi ghty Rus s i an empire a re· u sing the
Negro to destroy Amer ica , so they can·. rule t he ONE
World a s ma sters·.
wa s financed and underwr i tten f ro m t h e begi nning
by t he iionist Ro senwald family a nd communi st Garl and Fund.
Zion i s t Arthur Spi ngarn i s p r e sident of NAACP-.
Zionist Herbert Lehman i s Director of NAACP , h e Has IO communist - front cita 4i on s .
Zioni s t Felix Frankfurter was the a ttor n ey f or NAACP .
Pr esi dent Theo. Roo sevelt ca lled him comrade of Lenin
and Trotsky .
W. E . B. DuBo i s , f ounder of NAACP , ha s 72 communi stf r ont citat i ons~
Other offi cers of t he NAACP who have belonged t <!:>1
communi s t f r onts a re :
I2 citations
Dr . Ral ph Bunche
Channing Tob i as
50 c i t a tions
Thurgood Marshal l
5 c ita tions
Roy Wi l k i n s
8 cita tion s

Max Lerner

43 cita tions
E. Roosev elt
I 07 citations
Bi shop G. B. Oxnam
36 cita t i on s .
There many more •••
�Loyal Americ ns do not join
only dupes ~ or traitors. They will help our
enemies: to betray America into the hands
of ONE WORLD schemers.
Yours truly
For Christ and Country
DON7 Disarm Totlap ..• ~
You'll l)ie Tomorrow!
DON'T Be The Tool For
fl. N. ONE-WOl(ll) l(f/lE!

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